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May 21, 2010

Stay Here Inside

Saturday. I'm not clear on the combination of events that got me up at six-thirty. I think the alarm went off and I got up and turned it off and then lay down for just a minute to pull the head together and suddenly it was an hour later when I was awake again. Fine. Up and out to breakfast and back by eight thinking there was a Walk To End Poverty event of some sort that was starting down by the bandstand on the lake at nine. Did I really want to pack the cameras and photograph it or did I want to go back to sleep?

Well, nine. I did walk down to the lake, passed a school having an event of their own, a run for something or other early on a Saturday morning. Onward I found the Walk To End Poverty setting up. OK, not many people around, go over and read the schedule of events. Oh. The walk started at nine, in about two minutes, but the performances, speeches and such didn't kick off until noon.

Back to the apartment to lie down and finish The Informant. Good that I got a couple of pictures earlier, bad that I wasn't smart enough or diligent enough to see when people were going to arrive. Still, you'd think if a walk was starting at nine there'd be a bunch of people present, but.... What the hell, we'll walk down there again later, see what's what.

Later. A real nap this time, about an hour and a half. Whatever my outings do, whatever the during the day photography sessions might demand, whatever the heading out to dinner for a couple of drinks followed by a later evening at a club might entail, they seem to tear me down the following day.

Up after one from the nap talking myself into walking back to the Walk To End Poverty gathering and found but for one or two stragglers who were finishing packing before they too left. Looking at their schedule again (I did take a picture, after all) it said that they were wrapping up at one. What was I thinking? I'd gotten there at two? As I said: tired. And more than a little dumb.

Walking back home I was a bit relieved. Maybe another nap now there were no photos to take, a laid back session on the guitar, no more running around with a camera. There's another art walk later this evening, again just down the way, which I may or may not photograph, but again, if I do, it will be after some rest.

Later still. I guess, when I decided to go down and have a bit of sushi and sake for dinner, I'd given up on the idea of attending the artist walk advertised for later this evening on Telegraph near Grand. Still, back now, having had my usual meal ending with a sliver of green tea cheese cake. And a large flask of hot sake. I'm feeling both mellow and clear headed. Clear headed. Odd how these things work. One day this, one day that. It's six. Maybe I will head over to Telegraph at seven. The sun is bright, the early evening is reasonably warm and after a bit more guitar I may again want to get out of this place.

And if you were a betting man, what would you say?

Sixty-forty I stay here inside.

The photograph was taken of the Water Writes mural off Broadway near Grand in Oakland with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.