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May 19, 2010

Into The Sunset

Thursday. Went to bed last night quite early before nine, awakened this morning almost an hour early just after five. Such is life. To breakfast and back before eight, a nice long close to two hours reading the papers where I learned nothing new of note. I do like to read the papers, yes I do, here in the early morning hours of Oakland.

Yes, I agree, these do ramble on much too long, yes they are in need of editing, yes I'm aware of it, no I probably won't stop. I'm not sure why; not sure why I started this thing, not sure why I haven't stopped. A sign of a healthy mind? The sign of a dimming brain running out of gas? Don't much care, I guess. At least something seems to be happening. Right? There's light yet, pictures to take and a guitar to practice in between naps. (hup? hup?)

Later. A bright sunny day as the weather people advertised. A bus downtown to pick up a prescription, the druggist suggesting I must have another bottle of the stuff tucked away somewhere in the cupboard as it wasn't due to be refilled for another ten days. Hmm. That did ring a bell.

Still, the prescription wasn't the reason I wanted to head downtown. It's been raining these last couple of days and I haven't been outside the apartment. A cup of coffee out in front of Peet's was in order, a decent walk coming back. I did shoot a couple of pictures, but the only one I half liked was one I took to remind me of a walking event I wanted to put in the calendar to photograph as it was setting out Saturday not far from the apartment.

Home to indeed find another bottle of that prescription sitting back in the cupboard (Have I mentioned I'm getting absent minded lately? I think I have. Ad nauseam.) so I decided to finish backing up April to DVD. Turned out it required a dozen DVD's, not to mention a second dozen since I always make two copies just in case. But they're done and I'm ahead of the curve. Hup!

Later still. Time on the guitar. We're making progress. Play the riff. Play the riff again. Play it as the instructor has written it on the page. Well, I mentioned I often don't do that, I practice them in pieces getting the timing, positioning and such etched into the reflexes, but that's not enough (hup! hup!), ya gotta play through the whole damned thing. Ding-a-ling.

You're not making sense.

More and more so over these last couple of years. I'm turning into an absent minded old fart cartoon character. What a way to ride into the sunset. (hup?)

The photograph was taken off Mission near 16th with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.