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May 7, 2010

Can't Afford It

Saturday. The mornings are when you find out how you did the night before. Up this morning at eight, two very nice hours later than normal, having gotten to bed after, but not long after eleven. Still, at least eight, maybe nine hours, feeling pretty good. A drive to breakfast finding my waitress had saved me my usual table with a reserved sign, the place not at all crowded. Am I so predictable in my morning routine, she knows I'm coming? Of course. Obvious. No complaints.

Home now as the grey overcast seems to be opening to the west and the sun coming out. A bit of time on the guitar maybe before heading over to Dolores Park in the city to photograph the Cinco de Mayo festival. They haven't had a parade now in years and this will be the first time I've gone to and photographed the festival. Hard to say how it will be for photography, but there may be costumes and performers. Nothing I can find to photograph tomorrow, Mother's Day, so this is the main event of the weekend. I was near this area in the city last night. Too far a walk to visit Clooney's near 24th Street, fortunately.

You haven't gone into a pub or a bar for a drink alone on your own in forever.

True. I keep any solo drinking to sake over dinner and in my living room. Not much of a difference.

Later. A bus to BART, BART to 16th and Mission, a walk to Dolores Park to find a not overly large crowd, but a reasonable crowd with a section of booths set up on the hill overlooking a stage situated down below just off the sidewalk. I think (maybe ultimately for a lack of endurance on my part) the pictures I took of the various murals and doorways I passed walking to and from the park were in ways more interesting than the photos I took at the festival, but who knows, who cares? One or two of the festival did indeed turn out and I'd have gotten more if I'd stayed to find them. Still, a long outing from the feel of it, time to cut and run, pictures or not: BART to the 19th Street station and a walk back to the apartment. And I'm tired. Yes I am.

An hour spent with the guitar, scales and chords, chords and scales, interspersed now and again with those two songs I mentioned. Need to make it three pretty soon if I'm going to keep at it like this, vary the program. We'd add some hup! hups! right here but we seem to have just picked up the guitar and done it without blandishment or encouragement. Hmm. And now, early evening. I've been fighting the idea of going down the way for sushi and sake. Again. Must not be anything on television.

Last night wasn't enough?

Last night was fine, I kept it well under control. It's just I don't want to make it into a habit like breakfast. I for all the usual reasons can't afford it.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.