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May 1, 2010

Before It's Over

Sunday. I went into the bedroom last night before nine to lie down for a short while, thinking I'd get up and watch my “Korean soap” later just before ten and awoke instead at six-thirty this morning feeling, well, tired. Foggy. Achy. Not overly pleasant.

Went to breakfast and returned somewhat later than usual, although it turned out there weren't many diners in the café and I was able to eat a leisurely breakfast over the papers at my usual table. I'm glad this How Weird Street Faire doesn't get going until noon, I'm thinking of taking a nap now for an hour or so to get ready.

The sake last night?

I suspect life. It has its rules and little surprises.

Later. No way to judge these things, I guess. I did lie down for an hour, got up, pulled myself together, packed the long lens camera in the backpack, picked up the D3 with the 24-70 and headed out the door before noon. The sun was bright, the temperature nice, the bus right on time and I was starting to feel like a human being. Nice to feel like a human being, given some of the alternatives.

So a bus and then BART to the Montgomery Street Station, entering the event just after noon. I always arrive too early to these things, but I've learned to come to grips with it. It has some advantages if you stay for the crowds.

How did it go? Well, a good two hours of shooting interspersed with visits to a deli along 2nd Street in the festival area to have a large iced tea and gather my breath. Otherwise a good outing. I'm not sure how many of the pictures turned out, enough for a page on artandlife I'm sure, could be two, but otherwise I was reasonably happy with the result. I tried some things I'll try again and refine with time, always good to learn.

Liked this one, the Do Not Enter sign above their booth, I commented about it to them and they seemed aware and happy with it too. Lots of people arrived within about an hour of my arrival, streams of people entering as I left, again well after two this afternoon. I do like these things, but I've been thinking lately how to do more, find other interesting (to me) ways to shoot. I still have the candid portrait obsession, still look for faces, but there's about a berzillion ways to shoot faces and I only know about two. Well, I know more than two, but you get the idea. It's takes me time to get the idea.

Home now, having stopped by the local Coffee With a Beat café and eating a tuna fish sandwich out at one of their sidewalk tables. I'd forgotten how good their tuna fish is, put me in a good mood before walking the short distance home eating an ice cream cone picked up at the Seven-Eleven look alike around the corner. Some muscles, back muscles mostly, ache at the moment, but otherwise no big deal, and those aches will go away as I sit here and play guitar. After this morning I wondered how this day might go and now, having it turn out so well, I'm still wondering at the ups and downs, but hardly depressed.

Later still. I've gone through most of them. I do hate sunny high contrast days, I'm afraid, and I'm not sure they are as a group very good. Not so much because I was off as because, I don't know, the gods were not in favor of my outing. Maybe not something to worry about. I had some problems with the auto focus which may or may not have to do with the cameras. I haven't had either of them in for a routine service by Nikon yet, although I haven't had either of them all that long. The D3, maybe. They say every two years. I've had the D3 for over two years and it happened to be the one with the auto focus problem. Unless it was a problem with moi. Out there in the battle fields of lower Market.

We'll see. I like the event for photographs, most of this I wouldn't normally pay all that much attention to if it weren't for the pictures. Lots of what I assume is DNB - Drum And Bass - up on five or six stages, five or six DJ's doing their thing. Does get you off and into a nice mindless trance. Maybe that was my auto focus problem with the camera, probably shouldn't have been tapping my feet and bouncing up and down as I was shooting. But I digress into the usual foolishness.

Let us say our day went well, there are probably two sections of pictures for artandlife in the group, although none of them really sizzle. I'll sleep on it, take a look at them again tomorrow. The evening is early. More guitar before it's over.

The photograph was taken of a union demonstration in front of the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.