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Today at the pump

The Sole Prop's Sister?

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San Francisco 2009 How Weird Street Faire.

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May 23, 2009

Pretty Good
Saturday. Foggy and overcast, this morning, to breakfast early, back now as ready or not for the fog to burn off and the sun to start shining. Which is does around here like clockwork in the mid to later mornings. Spring and summer in Oakland and San Francisco. This makes for good photography weather, by the way, I'm hoping is holds for tomorrow morning and the Carnaval parade.

The price of gas jumped another two cents this morning to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. As I've mentioned, I have every confidence there's a monopoly element in the pricing, the too few oil companies controlling the prices. Supply and demand, yes, but a monopoly component too. I majored in economics for a couple of years before switching to Political Science in college and I still remember some of the obvious elements indicating a market governed by too few players.

Now that I'm unemployed and have time on my hands, what might I do in the way of research to lay out what I consider the obvious on a web site? That would be a lot of work, most of it as a student digging through public records and laying out the problem, but would I be willing to give it a try? Just for the hell of it? We seem to live in a world where we as individuals are manipulated by business interests who've learned how to intervene in the political process. What could be done at a “no resources but time and energy” level on the internet? Just a thought from one of the lazy ones out here. Just wondering. Those additional pennies every day on the price of a gallon do add up to big bucks for those who do any driving.

You won't lift a finger.

I wonder if anyone else might and if it would have any impact? I read Glenn Greenwald every day at his Unclaimed Territory blog and follow his take on Constitutional issues, issues that have held my attention since high school. As to why, I don't know and can't tell you. Does he make a difference? I suspect he does. What about other areas, things like this squeeze us all dry at the pump business? Is it just an overhead cost you have to pay as a little guy in a democracy? Could one person have an effect? Just wondering. Too much time on my hands, maybe, along with everyone else, looking at the unemployment rate here in California. It's not that these people don't affect our lives well beyond the price of gasoline, what with the banks and the bail outs and everything.

Babble, babble.

Indeed. I put up another page of San Francisco How Weird Street Faire photographs on artandlife. Not sure how I feel about them, but some of them are nice. I have another page in the works for my San Francisco Miscellaneous section coming up as soon as I can properly place each picture at the miscellaneous place and year it was taken, shouldn't take too long to finish it. I'm surprised how much time I've spent working on them as it is. Could my energy be coming back? And when I say energy coming back, coming back from when? From January? From January 1999? And how was my energy in 1999? I could go back and look through the journal. My assumption is if I wasn't talking about it, it was probably pretty good.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/1250 second, f 2.8, ISO 200.