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Under Construction
A member of the usual crew after work on Wednesday

May 12th, 2005

Writing It Here
Thursday. We went to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Wednesday evening after a couple of glasses of Guinness in the City Center, a shot or two of Glenmorangie at my place; then the movie, then a gin and tonic at a bar up the street from the theater before heading home before eleven. Seven of us. I tested the new camera at ISO 500, 640 and 3200. ISO 3200 is pretty weird looking, but the color is good. The photograph behind the Sole Proprietor logo above was taken Tuesday evening in Jack London Square at ISO 500. So was this one and this one. I'm pleased. It's not Ektachrome 100G, but then very little in life is anymore. These days of digital replacing film.

So we are no longer shooting film?

We will shoot film while there is film to be shot and there will be film to be shot until well after I am gone, just as there are still those who prefer tube to solid state amplifiers, lp records to digital CDs and Model-T Fords to, well, Toyotas. I drive a Honda, myself, own a solid state amplifier, but play lp records because I'm old and bought so many, play CDs (as do we all) and don't give a damn about Model-T Fords. (This is an example of run away journal keeper pontification: it comes out when you don't have an editor looking over your shoulder or a firmly grounded sense of the absurd.)

Another strobe light and a Quantum external battery arrived today. Heavy little sucker, the external battery. They warn you to be careful. You can overheat the strobe if you get carried away. Evidently this little (made out of solid lead from the weight of it) sucker will melt the strobe if you shoot too many pictures too fast. There's also a warning about high voltage and keeping it away from children. I wonder how inclusive their use of the word “children”.

I have a shooting assignment next weekend. Candids. I'd shoot candids for nothing, but please don't mention this to the client, this assignment being my excuse to purchase the battery and the strobe which cost seven times my fee. Still, no excuses, no remorse. Not a hell of a lot of embarrassment either, I guess, if I'm writing it here.

The photograph was taken Wednesday night after work at Max's in the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/45th second at f 2.8 at ISO 500.