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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Parade

May 1st, 2005

You Know, Cold
Saturday. The thought is it's going to rain tonight (the sky is getting grey as the afternoon progresses). Maybe this was not the best time to be at Laguna Seca. A rationalization? Tell ourself a story of how lucky we are to have been psychic and didn't end up in the middle of a muddy field surrounded by ten thousand people and a line of snarling cars?

Psychic, psycho: in the end it's all the same at the Proprietor's Journal.

I wasn't buying it either, but it seems to have gotten this started.

What is happening with Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsing the Minutemen (as in vigilantes patrolling the Arizona-Mexican border)? He's encouraging them to expand their operations to California. Apart from the merits of the situation (I hear more bigotry than I do sensibility in the current argument), what is a governor doing encouraging vigilantes? Does he not understand that one mishap (it doesn't have to be an Oxbow Incident, just an accident at the hands of one of these “righteous” people) and he's firmly confirmed as a not so bright, albeit rich, actor?

I feel as if we're regressing to some more primitive era where gangs of men in white hoods rode in the night looking for folks of a different color. The first question we all asked when Arnold became governor was “is he smart enough to carry it off”? In other words, he got a free ticket to the governor's office, is he stupid or is he smart enough to make a difference? This seems evidence he's not. I read the news and they say he's playing to his conservative base. Vigilantism is big with conservatives? I guess, if it's written down on paper: “playing to his conservative base because his numbers have dropped and he's in trouble”.

A walk down the way just now thinking I'd have some dinner, but I'm not hungry, well - maybe some sushi and sake at Mr. Sushi down the street? Yes, well, sushi is one of those addictive substances, thirty-five dollars out the door if you limit it to a couple of appetizers. I had two large hot sakes and a couple of deep fried vegetable dishes. I do not have the wherewithal to indulge this habit. Best to keep with cheap wine and sake when the wind begins to blow and it becomes, you know, cold, here in Oakland.

Sunday. After that was written I drove down to Jack London Square to Beverages and More and bought more sake, which I took home and proceeded to drink. Not all of it, you understand, but most of an entire bottle, which, since I'd had two large sakes at Mr. Sushi earlier and didn't mention the two or three glasses of wine I'd consumed earlier in the afternoon before thinking about Mr. Sushi, kicked me in the head when I awoke this morning with the usual. So I didn't shoot no pictures in San Francisco this afternoon at the Cinco de Mayo celebration (unless there was no Cinco de Mayo celebration today as I didn't see anything in the paper), but took in Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn and The Interpreter at the Grand Lake theater instead. I write not altogether seriously about my evening wine and sake. I'm going to have to get serious if I start doing this more often. Here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken Sunday at the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a Nikon F5 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens on Ektachrome E100G and processed by New Lab.