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May 29th, 2003

Bachelor Existence
Emmy has a certain wraith like aspect, ice blue eyes in a coal black coat. Having just survived a prostate operation and experiencing the dizzy thing, I was not sure her arrival boded well. Too much like the hooded guy with the scythe. Still, Emmy is a lady and a lady in black with bright (we'll skip the ice) blue eyes can certainly be attractive. As an Icelander, I know about ice blue, excuse me, bright blue eyes. As an American, I know nothing about women, a not uncommon combination. Yes, I have photos where her eyes are not washed out, vertical irises in place where vertical irises should be. A photographic challenge, perhaps. An omen of a less desperate order. Indeed. Does she look like a complainer? She is wont to wander around the apartment making noise? "What's the matter, Emmy?" Rawwwwrrrr!

Another day relatively dizzy free, by the way. Only one more day to finish the week. This is good and now it's noted.

So have you ordered the damned studio lights?

No, not yet, but I will.

One thing. I have been moving books and magazines off the floor this last week, particularly over this last three day weekend. Haven't done that in some time. I also moved the litter box outside onto the balcony last evening. I have one of the small cat door inserts for the sliding glass doors and with this weather, I can just leave it open. I notice she's found it and used it. I notice she hasn't complained by leaving any surprises. This is good. Keeping a litter box on your kitchen floor, even in a kitchen where you do no cooking, well, some of you are wrinkling your nose. A true bachelor existence.

The photograph was taken of Emmy here in the apartment last Sunday.