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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival parade.

May 19th, 2003

Don't You Agree?
I ordered seventy rolls of film today, lest I get on a tear one of these weekends and run dry just as the meteor arrives. I did not order the lights, but my thought was to go through the catalog one last time before placing an order tomorrow. Then the letter arrived this afternoon from the insurance company: The ambulance that carted you from your office to the hospital last January is not covered, pay those folks their thousand dollars.

I'll mention this at the office, calling an ambulance for an employee can be expensive. You pay if the company calls for an ambulance and you happen to live, the company pays the lawyers and your survivors if they don't call an ambulance (and you happen to die). I'll probably be greased by a meteor one of these days, anyway: A bus, a bullet, a man in a car; rabid dogs gone gonzo, who can say why, so goodbye funds, hello poverty. Anyone will tell you it's better to face poverty with a proper set of studio lights. And plenty of film.

A good day, by the way. I walked into work, took my time, read the paper over breakfast at a cafe near the office, felt tired and funky (but not dizzy) through the early morning, felt like an actual human being by noon. It's good to feel like a human being by noon, now that I've explored some of the options. So a good day. Don't you agree?

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival parade.