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San Francisco Cherry Blossom Parade

May 2nd, 2003

Scotch and Waters
I'm taking today off just cause I need it. I'm taking next Friday off as well. A long night's sleep seems to have helped, although the head is funky with the top and the back throbbing, lightly throbbing, no real pain, but the ears ringing and the world out there peering in through the small end of a funnel.

Still, progress. I wrote a letter to my insurance agent adding the new lens to my coverage and I drove to CompUSA and bought a replacement cartridge for my printer (I think this is the first cartridge I've purchased since I bought it some, what, four or five years ago? An HP 5L?) This is good. Also bought a plastic mat for the computer chair, something to protect the rug. These are good signs in my book. Really.

I notice, in adding the lens and the ultraviolet filter to the list of insured equipment, this is my first purchase since September, 2001. My, my. That's a long time without an equipment fix. Not sure what that means. What happened in September, 2001? Ah, yes, the 11th.

Lots of rain today, although I'm feeling better as the day progresses. A missive off to MRW, who had hip replacement surgery Tuesday. He was scheduled for the 12th, but they had a slot open up and asked him to come in. He's returning home this afternoon. Better that way, no time to sit around and think about it. Still, he's my age. A hip replacement. Better than a head replacement. Ears, eyes, nose and throats, hips and teeth, knees and noggins. Shit. This is sliding into the maudlin. Put on a CD. Turn up the heat. Pet Emmy. Think about dinner.

Later. OK, sleep in tomorrow, see how I feel. Get ready to shoot that wedding, charge the batteries, mine and the cameras, dig out the map to the ceremony. Think good thoughts, have another one of these Scotch and waters.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival parade.