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I don't know these people.

May 20th, 2001

All The Contractors
I finished my last PhotoShop assignment and the class itself, late this afternoon, and I think it was worthwhile, particularly if I happen to continue with some of the masking and color channel techniques I started learning. I may not. They both apply and don't apply to photography. There's a second class on color that I'll probably take, but I think maybe I'll do that one on the weekends in San Francisco. In the fall. I have these web pages at work I want to finish in the next few weeks.

Good weekend. I ordered the Wonder Boys book last week from Amazon and it should show up at the office tomorrow. Let's see if I read it. I picked up the pair of reading glasses on Saturday. I've been wondering if some part of my lack of reading has to do with my eyes. I haven't been having my eyes checked every year or buying new glasses, even though my insurance covers them. Something about figuring out the paperwork. I can usually read comfortably without glasses, one eye farsighted, one eye nearsighted, but occasionally I'll be tired and the type will go just a bit too fuzzy, so I'll pull out a pair I bought four years ago, decent pair, bifocals, good quality, and they seem to bring things back into focus, but what the hell, maybe I need new ones, so, Saturday I picked up another pair.

It's been a good weekend. I spent most of it working on the PhotoShop assignment, of course, but it San Francisco Cinco de Mayo parade. felt better than it has in a while. I make flippant remarks about, well, I did this and forgot to do that and missed the deadline, but I figured it out and got it posted anyway, and all that's true, but part of me is saying, if I like shooting these photographs and working with them in PhotoShop, how come I'm not doing it? Or, at least, how come I'm not pushing ahead lickety split like it was, you know, fun? This weekend it was fun. Well, this weekend I finished the class and can write "it was fun" with a straight face and maybe even post it. In techie land, I'm considered one of the better bullshitters and saying this, as many of you know, is not altogether a complement. Comes in handy whenever you need to find another job or explain why the file servers in my lab blew up and killed all the contractors.

A photograph of some fellow techies taken some few years ago and a photograph from the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo parade. The quote is by Fran Lebowitz.