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Cinco de Mayo Parade

May 16th, 2001

Enough Of This
This marks four nights on the new bed. Nice new bed. My fitted sheets actually fit. Mr. Wuss likes it better because it's higher up off the floor, perhaps because he feels more protected from the odd crocodile, who may find himself travelling through the bedroom on his way to Lake Merritt while Mr. Wuss is sleeping. And I would imagine that might be true. A crocodile would require a greater effort to jump up and snag a snoozing cat. He'd have more trouble just seeing Mr. Wuss, I would imagine, although maybe crocodiles would nail him with their noses. Do crocodiles have a really sharp nose? Capable of sniffing out a sleeping cat up on his Sealy PosturePedic whenever they may be passing? Could be.

Now the real question is, how good has this new set of mattresses been for moi? My night's rest? And the answer is better, but I'm not sure how much better. Should I have bought the Sleepaire mattress set with the air pump and the handy little gadget where you dial in your comfort level and all things are wonderful? Could be. But we'll see. Give it another week. And check the sales slip for their return policy. I'd say "mumble", but what do I expect? Mumble.

Nice day today. I mentally flipped a coin this morning (heads on both sides) that came up, wadda Cinco de Mayo parade. 'ya know, heads, "let's drive in today instead of walking" so as to arrive with plenty of time to read my newspaper, eat my non fat milk and cereal, and drink orange juice in a civilized manner that you only see in books and movies anymore, which I did. I had two one hour classes today on how to use our trouble ticket tracking system. Somebody calls in with a problem to the helpdesk and one of the support people opens a "ticket" in this trouble ticket tracking system and boy howdy, you'd better get it cleared up quick, or a senior manager will see your open incident and come downstairs and break your legs for incompetence. Talk about priority paperwork. Trouble tickets are supposed to give you information about what's breaking and how often it's breaking and a bunch of other good stuff that will tell you if you've got a wider problem than you first realized so you can do something about it.

Now, this is good (I mean really, it's good - I know this from my old management days), and every company our size absolutely needs one of these trouble ticket thingies, but what happens, since that list of open tickets is a really hot management item, is that lower level managers will close these tickets the day before they run the reports, even though the problem isn't resolved, and push for solutions that really aren't solutions at all just to make their list look good. Or am I preaching to the choir? (You sorta hope there are pockets of people out there who work for companies that actually work the way they do in fairy tales, but then, what do I know? I can't even be trusted to buy a bed.)

Enough of this.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo parade. The quote is by Fran Lebowitz.