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She likes my journal !!


Million Moms March

May 25th, 2000

Seen It Before
I had lunch today at Jack London Square with two friends. We get together every now and then to go to a good restaurant and discuss art and life and the corporate journey, and today, Coho Salmon, which are now in season. These are good reasons. A table right out on the water, a slightly too alcoholic, but good Johannesburg Reisling, MSW and I splitting a bottle between us, Key Lime pie for dessert. Sunny, warm, but not too warm. Gets you right out of your rut. Gets me right out of my rut.

I did order the fast IBM hard drive and controller yesterday. I'm going to set out on a four day weekend starting next Thursday, June 1st, so I'll drop off my current computer Wednesday after work and then pick it up with the new hard drive and more RAM Saturday afternoon when I return. Load Windows 2000 on Sunday. Post something Sunday night. (I give posting a 50 - 50 chance. There will be something missing. A driver. A cable. Intelligence.) New motherboard, five hundred megs of RAM, 18 gigs of hard drive space. Science fiction. PhotoShop should scream. I may scream.

The second daughter of one of the younger, if not the youngest of the cousins, is getting married Bay to Breakers. on the first Sunday in June. I don't know her all that well, although I've probably seen her an average of once every year for the last twenty years. (At the semi-annual family party. I figure we've run into one another at half of them, so twenty is a reasonable estimate.) She's an attractive young woman with a look you sometimes see in women with an innate and natural ability to keep their heads in the throes of disaster, in certain Zen masters and the totally stoned. Difficult to determine which if you rarely say hello. Still, she is the third daughter of one of the ten cousins to be married and I certainly wish her well.

I believe she's a sophomore in college, a good student, with ambitions at one point, at least, to be an airline pilot. Given her age, intelligence and situation, she can be pretty much anything she wants, the problem being, of course, finding her wants. Unlimited options aren't always a blessing. I sympathize. Not everyone does. I'll send a gift and wish her well and mutter a prayer to the Gods and the Gods will, undoubtedly, reply in kind in that same cool-zen-stoned Cheshire grin. They've been there, done that, seen it before.

The banner photograph was taken at the Million Moms March, the photograph of the young woman was taken at the San Francisco Bay to Breakers on Sunday.