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She likes my journal !!


Million Mom March

May 18th, 2000

Close To The Water
I seem to have lost the title to my old '78 Toyota when I moved last year. I assume it is sitting in some neatly marked folder in a packing box. Figures. I want to give it to the San Francisco SPCA for the tax write off, and will, of course, but next week, when Sacramento sends me the new one. Figures.

I installed the driver for the Sound Blaster built into my computer's motherboard and hooked up some speakers. And played a couple of movies on Atom. And then (finally) played the Layla mpeg I'd downloaded some time back through Napster. How long have I been without audio? Just load the driver from the CD that comes with the motherboard (point and click) and that's it. Piffle! Poof! I'm not sure I would hire myself to fix my own computers. I'm not the first person to say that, my competitors would occasionally mutter similar thoughts back in the days when I was a Novell reseller in Napa. I sold and installed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Novell networks in Napa all by myself (awwww.... all by your little self?), but I took my time, you understand, and learned on the job. Ah, you do understand.

I'd like to say I was going to acquire some movie/audio stuff and do some movies/audios of my own and the idea sounds nice, but my guess is not. Too much energy required. These thoughts are part of the background noise I'm hearing as I walk to work every morning. All this is very nice, the job is OK, albeit not overly challenging (And that's my fault. Anyone with an ounce of ambition would use the time to turn it into something more exciting.), the people are nice and the money pays the rent. Is this it? More pictures? More journal entries? For another ten or twenty years?

The traditional solution is to find a new job or a new woman or a new hobby. Every three or four years Million Moms March is about right. Pick one, pick all. Change cities. Change dreams. Change realities. And those things I have done, except I have done them too many times in the past and running away again seems, even to me, somewhat repetitive. And I'm lazy. And I would say that I am old, but if I am old, then I have always been old and the only difference seems to be that with age I have started all this carping. In the old days I just went out and sold another Novell network and hoped for the best. Today I take pictures and write this journal and have lunch each day in downtown Oakland, reading Lifestyle Tips for the Dead and thinking Lordy - Lordy, where is this headed?

Well, good grief. This is not a very original entry. This weekend, the Bay to Breakers, another photographic opportunity that I have quite successfully managed to avoid in the past. I mean foot races, after all. What's the excitement? But I was forgetting a proud tradition of studied craziness nurtured and developed over years of dedication and practice. I will bring the cameras. The weather is supposed to be hot. I'll stay close to the water.

The photographs were taken Sunday at the local Lake Merritt Million Moms March.