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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 24, 2017


Friday. Another decent night's sleep. Rain last night, as they'd forecast, awakening at just after six to get up and get ready to drive to breakfast, the East Bay Times still not having arrived as we headed for the car by six-thirty, a light rain falling as we drove with both headlights now working. Nice to drive with both headlights.

A bit of a gamble having the Eggs Benedict for breakfast, but it seemed the thing to do. The drive home in another light rain to wrestle with yesterday's entry. A bit spacey, yesterday's entry, as they're all a bit spacey anymore, finding it complicated to identify and post all the pictures. But it's done. I'm pretty sure.

Rain on the schedule for the day, this Friday. Be interesting to hear how the Republicans end up voting on their bill to eliminate ObamaCare, adding a bit of excitement to a late morning in Oakland. It and maybe something ocular coming out of this morning's choice of breakfast?

Later. A fair amount of rain, spent it futzing around, half of the time on the tablet with the heat on full tilt. Only seven more days until this birth month of mine is due to “go out like a lamb”. Can't wait.

A picture yesterday in Facebook of my aunt and her grand daughter celebrating her one hundred and fifth birthday, glass of wine in hand. She looks clearer eyed than I do right now. Still: happy birthday 105!

Later still. And so the Republicans were unable to round up the votes within their own party to derail ObamaCare and it's probably safe through the rest of the year. We may be closer to universal health care than I would ever have guessed, not from this Congress, but it looks like the electorate finally has it up on its radar and I'm guessing this will lead to single payer before too long. An easy enough thing for me to say, but I might now be willing to wager a nickel it will happen, come another Congress or two, where I'd have laughed at the thought a month or two ago. Maybe even a dime.

Evening. A later afternoon and evening spent finishing the series I've been watching on the tablet, ten episodes of fifty minutes each. I don't believe there was a single character I really cared about by the time I'd finished, but it did keep me watching. Over the last week.

Skipped Democracy Now!, watched an episode of Law & Order until Charlie Rose rolled around and watched his first three interviews where they discussed (what else?) the Republican Party's failure to dismember the Affordable Care Act.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.