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Here In Oakland

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March 19, 2017


Sunday. To bed before nine and to sleep not all that long after. Tired. Didn't awaken until six-thirty and so we'll guess that we got a decent night's rest again. Been wrong about this too many times recently, but we'll go along with the better outcome.

Anyway, up easily enough to drive to breakfast and have the Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Gambling again. So soon. Which is the more dangerous: feeding on forbidden food or feeding the casino slots?

That's more than a bit of an overreach, I'd think. Maybe just relax?

A decent morning so far, though. On the drive home I noticed again that my left headlight looked as if it might be out. Checked when I parked. Out. We'll get it replaced when we go for the Protime test on Wednesday. Don't want to drive with a headlight out during the day and certainly not during the night. Not that I drive anymore at night. Still, I find it embarrassing so we'll get it fixed.

Nothing on the schedule today. Overcast out there with the occasional break in the clouds and rays of sun. I'm thinking no rain. That's what the weather people are saying, the rain isn't due until tomorrow and, as we know, they're always right.

Later. I did lie down for a while. Didn't sleep, but drifted rather comfortably off into the ozone, quiet, nothing on radio I was interested in. Up at noon. Still no desire to go see a movie at the Grand Lake theater, although there are a couple I would have gone to see when I was younger. OK, an interest that's changed: it instructs you, you don't instruct it.

No murmurs from this morning's breakfast, at least. Clear headed enough, the sinuses seemingly in check. Nothing happening downtown on Sundays, but I can usually get myself out the door to walk to the lake.

Later still. Out the door and over to the lake. Finally. Overcast, people about, but not nearly as many as you'd see on a sunnier day. A photograph to test the camera/lens combination I'd set out with. The fellow was stretching after whatever exercise he was into, and when I passed him after I'd reached the shore, he was on the cement path twisted up into an even more unusual configuration. This stretching can evidently become complicated. Didn't take a picture of that.

On then to end up at Noah's Bagels on Lakeshore. There were empty tables available outside the shop and so I went in to check to see if they had any of their yogurt with fruit in a plastic cup. No yogurt with fruit in a plastic cup. They seem to no longer carry them. Thought, OK, I'll settle for two of those twisted pastry sticks and coffee, waiting for the customer ahead of me to figure out what exactly it was she was going to buy. You can guess the next. Left the line and the shop, the twisted stick pastries evidently not all that enticing. Still, how many times have I done this?

A walk then to Walmart, thinking I'd finally buy their special on Good & Plenty. They sell much larger boxes than those you can get at a convenience store for one seventy-five, four for four dollars, where the convenience stores sell the much smaller boxes for one twenty-five.

The reason I've avoided them so far is the boxes are large, too large to eat in one sitting or in a day, if you have any consideration for your sugar consumption. We're going to measure how much consideration we have for our sugar consumption today and the week. They're up in a cupboard, having had today's ration. I'm good at forgetting what's up in the cupboards and that may save the diet.

So here we now sit at three in the afternoon, the head clear, no sign of ocular anythings lurking out beyond the edge. I'm thinking of going through the old magazines and throwing out as many as I can. I do this now and again, but mostly again, and doing it is a sign things are otherwise going well.

Evening. Tossed the magazines. Good. Took all of ten minutes. Well, good, but hardly worth a comment. Nice to get done, but, well....

Spent the rest of the afternoon adding and upgrading pages on artandlife and HereInOakland, a project that started with maybe fifteen minutes of work on a new “take my picture” page that rapidly extended into two hours. Also good, albeit unexpected.

Watched today's two episodes of Elementary, both of which I've seen before and didn't really remember. Well, watched. Listened to most of it while working on the web pages.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.