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Here In Oakland

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March 14, 2017


Tuesday. I'd forgotten there'd been a new episode of Elementary on Sunday night and so watched it on the tablet to then turn out the lights just before ten. (Totally unbelievable plot, by the way. Not unusual, I'm afraid.)

Anyway, this led to an uneven night's sleep, awakening at six-thirty, but feeling much better getting up than I had yesterday, and so out the door in good fettle to walk to breakfast. Temperature not bad, the sky reasonably clear and so sun and more nice temperatures later. Things seem to be starting well.

Had the plain waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. I'd made it a point to take the full prescribed dose of pain meds this morning and the head seems to be behaving, the sinuses letting me know they're there, but not getting all obnoxious about it.

The sun was coming up over the hills as I started the walk home, dawdling a bit to document the offering I'd passed on the way in, two of the oranges and some of the candy now missing. Wondered if a homeless person would leave half of what had been there earlier or if it had been someone more fortunate who'd just figured he or she would help themselves. What do I know about being homeless? Still, like the restaurant keeper's gesture.

You're embarrassed because you've had the thought to pick up a piece of the candy, wrapped as they are and protected from contamination down there on the sidewalk.

I've not come to that yet. So let's see: the day starts well, no desire or need to lie down for a nap. What does this portend for later?

Later. Finished going through my list of news sites, we're buried deep in our habit with that, and then set out to catch a downtown bus, arriving before noon. On to the City Center convenience store for a box of Good & Plenty and then walking on through Old Oakland this time to the Chinese Cultural Center to sit in the sun, something I did once routinely, but haven't done now in some time.

OK, good. A walk then along Broadway by a parking lot I've photographed in the past for the graffiti on the surrounding building walls.

Pictures then of the parking lot at the corner of Broadway and 17th where they've started excavating the foundation of a new 254 unit residential tower across from Latham Square. Curious after seeing pictures for the first time in the local papers of another place I've not seen in some time. Well, a month, but there was a period when I'd go by daily.

Still feeling good, the sinuses somewhat touchier, but up after the walk and figuring a half dose of the meds should take care of the sinuses when I got back home. On up Broadway to the ATM and then the bus straight home. Hungry, but not willing to stop anywhere to get something to eat. Again, an odd way to be hungry. There are things I can put together in the kitchen, but it still seems weird.

Later still. Hmm. Nothing to bitch about. Clear headed without anything that appeals at the moment. Looked at/listened to enough news, nothing I want to watch on the tablet, nothing on television and yet we're buzzing right along looking for something to engage our attention. Hmm. Maybe tackle a computer setup issue I've been threatening to resolve these last several days/weeks/months? We've clearly devolved here into more babble.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now! and then futzed around until I ended up listening to the first two interviews on Charlie Rose at eight. Another good day, I'd say, all things being equal.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.