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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 11, 2017


Saturday. To sleep early to awaken then at twenty minutes after six, no question after that of having gotten a good night's rest. OK. Warmer, this last day before Daylight Savings kicks in, and so a walk to breakfast without wearing a sweater under the winter jacket. The eyes watering, as always, but warm enough, another warm day ahead.

Had the oatmeal breakfast again. Couldn't think of anything else I wanted to eat. Didn't go for the plain waffle with sliced fruit, as I was hungry, and the plain waffle breakfast wouldn't be enough. One forty-nine on the scale this morning, as it's been now for the last several days, no need to lose any more, although I don't seem to be in charge.

Anyway, feel good, a good walk home thinking I will indeed photograph the St. Patrick's Day Parade later. I will. We will. I think.

Later. On the bus to BART to arrive at the Montgomery Street station at ten-thirty to spend an hour shooting as they formed up the parade. Not a bad outing, enough photographs for two web sections, a total I haven't gotten now in some time. Good for me.

Felt a little wobbly after an hour of running around and shooting so back on the train just as the parade was ready to start, getting off in Oakland and walking into the City Center for a fruit cup and coffee at the bagel shop to wait on the bus. Still wobbly and so straight on the bus and back home to lie down for some minutes before downloading the photographs.

Which means?

I'm guessing, if I don't start getting more exercise, I'm going to crap out more and more often as time passes and so I've been thinking of starting a daily walk around the lake. An hour's walk. Three miles.

“Thinking” or you've decided?

We'll know Monday. Tomorrow there's a street festival that needs photographing in San Francisco and, if I feel the way I did after today's outing, I won't be walking no lakes.

Later still. Processed about half the photographs through the afternoon and that's enough. Feel OK, but I'm done for the while. The two prescription refills arrived in the mail. Which is good, as I'd taken the last of the two I had today. Luck. Sometimes it smiles.

A number of drummers have been going full tilt all afternoon over at the lake, perhaps because the temperature got up into the low seventies today. I'd worn a light jacket to the parade and soon wished I'd not worn the sweater. Nice. Like spring. Which is on the way.

Evening. Up an hour early tomorrow and so to bed tonight and lights out by nine. Be interesting to see how soon we adjust to awakening the hour earlier without setting an alarm. For now we'll set the alarm.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.