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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 8, 2017


Wednesday. Lights out at a decent hour to awaken at ten after six, get up and walk to breakfast as the sun was rising over the eastern hills. With daylight savings time switching back this Saturday the mornings are going to be bright. Well, on clear mornings. Mostly.

Had a mushroom and cheese omelet with country potatoes, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Another experiment in chancy foods for breakfast, I guess. I thought of sticking with the oatmeal and toast (fruit cup and coffee) as I've been planning on photographing the Women's Strike in Oakland later today at five, but I'm guessing the chance of ocular migraine problems developing are minimal.

Famous last words.

I'd had some thought of heading over to San Francisco for their Strike gathering at eleven, but it's close to eleven now and I'm still sitting here at the computer. And it's my birthday. I'm allowed.

A walk home taking the usual set of pictures. I've been running images taken in January and February up top and behind the Journal title below it, but I'm almost out of candidates and suspect I may well have repeated using one or two. We forget what we've already run. I suspect life will not end if there's a duplicate or two.

Later. Got an email asking me to call them about a problem with the prescription refills I've been fighting to get transferred to the mail order operation from the local pharmacy. Problem? Turns out they were going out today, but they wanted to be sure I was willing to pay the cost for one. One of the two costs more than a fair amount. OK, and send them so I receive them by Saturday. Is Monday OK? It was.

Otherwise watching Law & Order episodes on television. The thought is to get downtown by four, an hour ahead of its start at five, and fill in the time, if needed, with a late lunch/early dinner if no one's yet arrived, more to be sure the bus will be running than needing to get there early.

Otherwise that's been about it. Watched the two hours worth of news programs I watch every afternoon. Not sure I learn anything of value in all this news business since I also read the papers and follow various news sites on the web, but I've been watching/reading the daily news since I can remember, since high school, since well before the Vietnam war put a shadow over our/my existence and the news had consequences, could change your life. Which it eventually did.

Otherwise nothing else planned for the birthday. A Facebook friend suggested I have a shot or two to celebrate and it reminded me I haven't had any alcohol now in months, don't really think about it anymore. Just don't. No thoughts it's bad for the health or anything else driving it other than I eased off, while writing about more than it was worth mentioning here, and then just stopped.

All those sake sets up in the cupboard going to waste?

Well, if it were easy to go out and buy some right now I might just do it for a cup or two later. But yes, I haven't touched the sake sets in so long I can't remember.

Evening. Either I missed it because the bus came five minutes early, which I doubt, or it didn't come at all and I grew tired of waiting. Tired of waiting and then becoming dizzy as I was walking back to the apartment. Made me immediately go into the bedroom and lie down to let it pass. Most of it pass.

So no pictures of the Women's Strike at City Hall.

I'm afraid not. The tired/whatever feeling that came on at the stop won out. Not something I'd associate with the funky character I think of as coming from eating things on the to be avoided list at breakfast, closer to the one time I conked out with a low sugar count. I did look for things in the kitchen that contained sugar (to no avail).

Finished out the evening with the last half of Democracy Now! that I'd missed hearing this morning, sat thinking about this dizziness business while watching more episodes of Law & Order and then the first short interview on Charlie Rose at eight. Health care, what else?

Nice sunny day, all day today, the temperature well into the sixties. Even wore a bright red sweater for the Strike, but to no avail for the lack of sugar.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 Micro Nikkor lens.