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March 26, 2016

Known Places

Saturday. Lights out by ten, awakening at six-thirty, right at the desired time. Slow headed as I got up, but a good night's sleep, the morning clear with decent light and so, naturally, I drove instead of walked to breakfast. Take away yesterday's gold star, we'll have to think of a way to get in the day's walk later. We will. Think of a way, even if we don't follow through.

I did listen to a discussion between Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden last night, broadcast over the web, talking about (what else?) government surveillance and whatever rights we may have left of privacy. A slow start with the various supporters and moderators holding forth longer than you'd like, but some interesting insights. Didn't mention that last night.

And the Protime test results were received yesterday as well. Took another dose of the blood thinner meds, as the blood was on the edge of being too thick, where I'd been wondering if it were too thin. You sit and think about these things in ever tighter little circles and then find you're off in the wrong direction. Not too thin, too thick. Almost too thick. The head is too thick.

Ever tighter little circles....

Nice day, the sun up, but they're saying it will be cooler than it was yesterday. I'm tired, nothing new there, maybe lie down for a while, see what I'm up for when it's closer to noon. It takes a morning to get everything working anymore, the brain started. Restarted.

Later. Definitely warm with more people at the farmers market and walking along Lakeshore than I can remember, many of the stores, cafés and shops handing out small packets of candy to the kids, the sidewalks crowded with parents wearing rabbit ears and some few in costume. Nice day, Easter weekend, out and about, the kids being carried either in their parents arms or pushed along in strollers.

Walked by the lake and by, but not through, the farmers market if only because it too was so crowded. Went on to the new French pastry shop along Grand, standing in line thinking I'd get one of what looked to be a raspberry cookie, but decided to leave without buying when the person behind the counter served someone who'd come in behind me.

Not so much for my being crotchety, I could see how it happened, no real blame one way or another, but it brought home other times I've done the same thing, more reaching a tipping point - do I really want to eat this thing? - than a spat of unhappiness. Just enough more time and then a nudge standing in line, enough to tip it in the other direction.

A donut and a small coffee at the donut shop on Lakeshore. Not a particularly happy looking place. I'd have opted for the two scoops of ice cream that I usually have at Dreyer's except I'd recently decided to avoid them to see if the ocular instances that often followed went away. Still hewing to my decision, although I'm not betting for the future. No more ocular events, though.

Home now. I think it is warmer than it was yesterday, yesterday's weather report not withstanding and, Googling it just now, one saying seventy-one degrees (yesterday's high), but feeling like seventy-seven. It does feel like it's seventy-seven. Humidity is not our friend.

Later still. A walk to the 7-11 look-alike after an ice cream bar, returning empty handed. A short walk, not enough to call exercise, but more a need to get out of the house than exercise. A long line of people still out walking the lake, the sound of drums drifting over from the white column pergola.

Evening. They run old episodes of Elementary at five on Saturdays and at six on Sundays and I dialed into today's episode about five minutes after it started through sheer luck. These are episodes from last year's season, not a favorite of mine, but I did watch it with some interest. Something about the smell of ginger.

Otherwise a decent day, nothing on television I want to see later. Happy to hear the Washington and Alaska primaries gave wide margins to Sanders, something they're not projecting for California, although we too allow Independents to vote for Democrats and Republicans. Bernie will get my vote, but again, California is a large state and we have voters who harbor all kinds of strange obsessions.

People will vote for Trump?

People will vote for Hannibal Lecter in some of the lesser known areas.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Marathon last Sunday morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.