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March 21, 2016


Monday. Lights out before ten last night to awaken at seven-thirty this morning. I was obviously tired after yesterday's adventures.

OK. Overcast, but not raining, and so a walk to breakfast feeling pretty good, “good” or “not good” measured by how long those ten minutes seem to take me. They slipped right on by this morning. Again, overcast, with an occasional bean or two of sunlight coming through the cloud cover, a decent walk home to then wrestle with yesterday's entry.

Have no real idea what needs to be done today. Get the Running Festival photographs up to the web sites, certainly. Maybe futz with another Latham Square section or two, but I suspect I'll have second thoughts if I follow through with the Running Festival section. To be honest. And Elmore Leonard's Raylan. We'll probably get back to that as well.

Sounds like a lot on your plate.

Not even counting what may end up on my palate.

It's obvious getting more sleep doesn't strengthen your brain or help in cutting back on the babble.

Later. Watched last night's episode of Elementary on the tablet. Not one of the better ones, I'm afraid, solving the death of a fellow who ran around New York City in a superhero outfit “fighting street crime”. Well, even the best plots are at most improbable, but I was never into superhero comics as a youngster. Other than in discovering and getting into Wonder Warthog in college. The Good Pig being an obvious exception for everyone. You understand.

Finished processing the Running Festival photographs and put together a section for each of the web sites. Good. They're done. Otherwise a slow, but not at all bad, day after getting a long night's rest. I recommend a long night's rest to anyone interested.

Evening. Read through the first half of Raylan, the third Elmore Leonard book related to the Justified television series. I do have a couple of Leonard's books in my library, but don't really remember them in the sense of having a mental picture of Leonard's style and maybe I'm misjudging them from these three recent readings.

All his characters seem to play at this murder/robbery/mischief business in the way one might think of stealing a box of candy from a convenience store. Illegal, yes; rude, crude and dishonest, yes; but his characters treat them as if they were the equivalent of something you'd get a slap on the wrist for when in the real world you'd end of dead or in prison.

You're upset because a story teller makes up stories?

Because the motivations of the characters don't make sense. You rob a bank, you're careful in planning and execution because you'll go to jail for a hell of a long time if you get caught in the act or after the fact. Or get yourself killed. This doesn't seem to occur to his characters. Dumb and numb, almost the lot of them.

Calm down.

Lights out by ten, again. We'll continue with Raylan tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Marathon yesterday morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.