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Here In Oakland

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March 19, 2016


Saturday. To bed and lights out early enough, awakening briefly at five to then fall asleep again (surprising myself) to awaken at close to seven. Another decent night's sleep in counting the number of hours, although getting up wasn't all that swift. Still, overcast this morning, but a good enough walk to breakfast and back, the farmers market well underway as I was returning, another day ahead.

There's a Brides of March happening in San Francisco later today that I will most probably skip. They're meeting at 601 Bush Street and then marching their way to Union Square this afternoon. The younger I photographed it, the older I will probably not.

Tomorrow is the Oakland Marathon that runs along right at the bottom of my hill and we will shoot photographs. We'll know it's over when I can't get it together to photograph something that takes place a few hundred feet from my front door. Unless it's raining, of course.

One hopes there's a certain tongue in cheek aspect to that.

I do think about it, worry a bit, the winding down, but still keep the camera batteries charged and ready. So far.

Later. Out the door to and through the farmers market for whatever reason, the market packed, the sidewalks packed, the sun finally showing itself after noon. Had no destination in mind, although went by the bagel shop on Lakeshore thinking a yogurt and coffee, but the line was too long with only two people working behind the counter.

OK, back to Grand and to the café by the fitness center for a bagel with cream cheese and coffee, home then to notice they'd delivered the three Elmore Leonard books I'd ordered from Amazon, the three three Raylan Givens books used to base the main Justified character on. Ambitious for someone who says he no longer reads, but not being able to read Elmore Leonard seemed over the line even for me.

About half way through Pronto, the first book, the U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens character who does in the book come from Harlan county and wears the signature Stetson hat, just as he does in Justified, but the story taking place first in Miami and then on to Italy instead of Harlan County. Interesting. So far no problem reading Elmore Leonard as I suspected.

Evening. Watched another of last season's episode of Elementary, this time remembering who'd done it. I'd forgotten enough of the plot to keep it interesting. Interesting enough to watch. We'll get back to Pronto later, see if we can't finish it later tonight. I'm surprised.

Oh, oh. This I wasn't expecting....

The photo up top was taken at last year's Oakland Marathon with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.