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Here In Oakland

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March 16, 2016

Night Ahead

Wednesday. Lights out and to sleep soon enough, I think, but awake at six-thirty rather than yesterday's seven. Not able to go back to sleep and so listened to Democracy Now go over Sanders’ losses yesterday, evidently losing Missouri by less than two thousand votes (they haven't called it yet this morning). And, of course, Trump. I look at the elements of this election with more concern than I did in elections in the past, the 1964 Goldwater race when my uncle ran for Congress in Washington, for example. Well, more concern? Different concern. Haven't a clue as to what this one may portend.

Set out just after seven, the morning light enough by then, walking to breakfast feeling pretty good. The mornings are usually pretty good, although the walk to breakfast always seems longer than the walk back, perhaps because I haven't quite come to consciousness yet. The picture up above was taken walking home, one I've taken many times in the past and no, I have no idea why I'd take it or run it today or any other day. Just, you know, stopped and pressed the shutter.

Are you embarrassed by the picture?

No. There's always a thought: this one isn't up to snuff. Why did I even take it, particularly if I've taken the exact same picture in the past? The answer is to follow your own thought or you'll never develop your own style. Mistakes are OK. Fearing mistakes is not.

We're getting closer to babble here again.

It's eleven in the morning and we've just gotten up after lying in bed and listening to the radio rehash last night's events. Babble is to be expected. Laziness keeps me from erasing it all and starting again.

Later. A bus downtown to Latham Square at noon to take another set of Latham Square pictures, quite a few workers laying bricks for the road, still quite a bit of work to be done.

I'm surprised it takes so long to complete one of these things. I'm sure they've done studies on how to schedule them better, in the case of Latham Square the various ditches they seem to have to dig over and over again to put in all of the underground pipe and such, but still. Well, not something I'm really all that curious about at my age, curious enough to want to find an answer. Just wondering.

Nice day, nice sun, a light jacket over a long sleeved shirt just fine for running around. Not sure what we'll do now that we're home. It's one in the afternoon, still plenty of day to come.

Later still. Processed today's pictures and then put together another section of Latham Square photographs for the web while listening to the various afternoon news programs I listen to (day in and day out) playing on the television in the background.

Evening. Watched the last three episodes of Justified on the tablet. The odd and interesting ending of the sixth season where a long laundry list of not very nice characters get their comeuppance, all in violent ways, all of it held together with tight and very stylized dialogue that reminds me (perhaps incongruently) of True Grit, a cowboy epic more akin to Shakespeare than Roy Rogers.

People would have to be familiar with the series to understand any of that and, even then, I'm not sure you're making much sense.

So what else is new on a Wednesday afternoon on Oakland?

Evening. Watched Charlie Rose at eight, tried to watch an episode of Law and Order at nine, gave up and went to bed. Another day, another night ahead.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.