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March 7, 2016


Monday. Awoke twice briefly after lights out early last night and still awoke at six twenty-four, the exact same time I've awakened now these last four days. Not six twenty-three, not six twenty-five: six twenty-four. Not sure what kind of clock resides inside the brain, but it has periods where it's pretty accurate. Seemingly, anyway.

Up listening to Democracy Now report on Flint and then some of last night's Democratic debate. Didn't bother to check if it was raining, seemingly not (much). I'd already decided to drive last night. Didn't attempt a rationalization, just drove to and then from breakfast feeling reasonably good. Overcast, some sprinkles, they're saying more rain later, undoubtedly when I go by the new pharmacy over on Lakeshore to pick up the prescription refills. Ran out of the blood pressure pills this morning, need to get over there, rain be damned.

Pretty exciting stuff for a Monday morning around here.

True to say and sad to say, albeit much better than some of the choices others are having to make in the Middle East on a Monday morning and, well, a bunch of other places in Africa, South America and Asia, if one were to be accurate. We remind ourself of that now and again. Life is good whenever you have a decent breakfast and you don't lose your life to a bullet or a bomb. During the daylight, anyway, we don't go out after dark.

Let's not get too self righteous here. Boring is bad enough, but preaching plumbs even lower on the sanctimony scale.

Later. Approaching eleven and I figured it was too early, but walked to the Lakeshore pharmacy anyway to see if they'd straightened out the new insurance billing on the prescriptions and if they'd received their shipment of the blood pressure meds. The billing seems to have been taken care of, but the pills won't be delivered until later at three. OK. Slow, but progress.

A walk then to the Dryer's ice cream shop for two scoops in a cup. Wasn't hungry, wasn't not hungry, and ice cream on a cold late morning seemed to do the trick. No rain, still no rain now that it's mid-afternoon, but I suspect it's waiting on my return to the pharmacy after three. We do need those meds, although the blood pressure was normal when I checked just now.

Later still. Still looked cold outside, even with the bright sun, and so out the door with a sweater and down jacket under a winter coat and that worked just fine. A walk beyond the pharmacy to the ATM and then back to pick up the prescriptions that turned out to be ready. One of them, a ninety day supply, ran well over five hundred dollars. With the old canceled insurance and at the old pharmacy it would have been one hundred. Evidently there's a deductible you have to reach before they pick up more of the cost. One hopes.

Evening. Nothing on television, two of the three public stations are raising money airing programs I find I can't watch for more than about two minutes. Mondays are usually thus.

Not a bad day, though. I did take the pain meds first thing in the morning with the rest of the day's prescription drugs and then took another dose eight hours later, as they direct. A good day or, more likely, a somewhat better day because of them? Who knows? Who's nose? Whatever.

The photo up top was taken this morning of the one pandorea flower, now a victim of the current rain, taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.