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March 5, 2016

A Night

Saturday. Another lights out early, but still awakening at six-thirty (the time I'd like to awaken and then get up) morning. So hup? Good?

Rain all night, but not a drop by the time I headed out the door for breakfast. Still decided to drive, who knows when it might start again? Sometimes rationalization turn out well as it was raining hard by the time I left the café after breakfast.

The nose and the sinuses continue to act up, blowing the nose more often than I can remember. Can't be a lot of particulate matter and pollen in the air with the rain, so it's something else. I keep thinking it has do with the doctor getting up into my nose with that scalpel, but who can tell? Took a dose of the pain meds, maybe they'll kick in and have an effect. They probably won't, but something you can do other than just sit here and gripe about it.

Another set of primaries today. No way I'm not going to dial in later to see how they're going.

Later. Rain and so the afternoon has been spent either watching television or spending time on the tablet. And eating. We'll probably start moaning about weight gain rather than weight loss in coming days. Doesn't much matter what the moaning is about, I guess. If moan you must and embarrass yourself every morning in a journal.

Evening. They said a good storm this evening and the wind and rain are proving them right. A bath before heading to bed to read a magazine or two received in today's mail and/or find something on the tablet. Tablet life. Still, what did we do in the old days when it was raining?

The old days when you didn't own a television set and there were no tablets?

Too long ago. That's what playing the records was about. The wind is still singing outside the bedroom windows, maybe best to turn out the lights and call it a night.

The photo up top was taken last Saturday at the downtown Oakland March for Bernie 2 with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.