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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 2, 2016


Wednesday. Another decent night's sleep to awaken just before six, turn the radio on to Democracy Now for a recap of yesterday's primaries and then heading out to breakfast, checking the still charging car battery on the way out. Still not done. Forty-eight hours. We'll go downstairs to the garage and disconnect the charger, put away the extension cord and say it's done when we've finished this. Close enough is close enough.

Overcast, they're saying rain later this week, enough to make a dent in the drought. Which we need. We can use any and all the dents a Pacific El Niño can feed.

Feel OK, the sinuses sore, but not all that tired and not too sore while walking back from breakfast. A haircut later this afternoon at two. We'll take Latham Square pictures and think about walking to the new pharmacy on Lakeshore to pick up the prescription refills phoned in yesterday by the doctor's office later. Stuff to do.

Later. A walk to the lake to sit on one of the benches for ten minutes, needing to get outside before it was time to catch the downtown bus for Latham Square, lunch and the haircut. Walked back home to then immediately headed out again to catch that bus.

Off at Latham Square to take the usual set of photographs, a walk on to the City Center for a turkey with Swiss bagel sandwich and a can of V8 juice (don't eat enough vegetables he said), an escalator then down to the hair salon. We're letting it grow out a bit, but just a bit.

A bus home, the day now more overcast, arriving in time to listen to The News Hour play in the background. The sinus-palate problem seems better after having taken a dose of the pain meds earlier, so I suspect we're going to stick with them for some time yet. Take them as they're needed. Pain in the, well..., sinuses.

Later still. Processed today's pictures, the sinuses now behaving, no need for any naps. Good. They're now saying Clinton has a 90% chance of winning the primaries over Sanders and that Trump a 75% chance of prevailing in the coming Republican contests. Not good.

Evening. Watched a Death In Paradise episode I may or may not have seen before. I thought I remembered the episode's initial scene and suspect, if I were forced to bet, I'd say I have indeed seen it before, how long ago I don't know. A bit odd, though. There's forgetting and then there's forgetting. This was definitely forgetting. To bed then. Obviously time to hang it up and start again tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the downtown Oakland March for Bernie 2 with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.