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March 28, 2015

To Happen

Saturday. When was lights out last night? Fairly early, I seem to recall, a decent night's sleep awakening but once and then getting up early to set out for breakfast on another clear sunny morning, the papers saying we're now at the lowest snow pack in the Sierras since measurements were started in 1950. Hmm. Methinks we need rain, the natives are getting restless.

Anyway, read the papers, walked home taking but one or two pictures on the way to then edit and post yesterday's entry when I got home. Thinking of taking a shot at a nap, it's only nine-thirty, maybe wander down to take a look at the farmers market later. Another Saturday and, although there's another demonstration scheduled today by the City Hall, it's starts at six. Don't like to photograph after dark, although dark isn't with us now until later. We'll see. A long time from now, the evening.

Later. What else? A walk over to the lake to find a large crowd of Capoeira dancers, both the kids and the adults, photographing the kids on the way, the adults on the way back. On to the farmers market to not take a single picture although it was crowded and you'd think a street photographer looking for faces might find one. Look for one. Stumble across one. You'd think.

Two scoops of ice cream at the shop on Lakeshore, not really hungry, but felt I had to do something. Back along Lakeshore to the lake again and then home to the apartment. Not bored, but not really excited, more going through the weekend paces than anything else. Probably not good, but probably not so bad as to cause me to do anything about it other than note it here.

Again, a sunny day, lots of people out walking, running, lying on blankets by the lake, eating, drinking and dancing.

Later still. Ah, yes. The weekend drums. A walk over to the lake to see who was drumming this day, taking a few pictures. The thought had been to go by the 7-11 look-alike for a box of Good & Plenty, but I never quite made it. Not hungry enough for sugar and licorice. It happens. Not often, but it happens.

Evening. I've spent some time today looking at the movies I've collected over the years. Not all that many of them, at least not compared to the numbers I've heard owned by friends, but you'd think there'd be at least one I might like to watch this evening. I've gone through this before, will undoubtedly go through it again, but one of these evenings lightening is going to happen.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Running Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.