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March 18, 2015

Right On By

Wednesday. I guess we really are permanently in this aching sinus, scattered head reality, making writing and adventuresome outings more daunting than they ever were in the past. I still get out, still plan to photograph events within easy traveling distance, but I'm obviously constrained. As I sit right now after taking a second hit of the pain meds this day to see if they'll help. They do seem to help.

Otherwise a good night's rest, awakening one minute before the alarm was set to sound, and so off walking to breakfast, taking more time than usual over the papers. Back to the apartment to take a bath and then head out over to the ATM on Lakeshore, stopping as I was returning home to sit by the lake as I needed the rest. A mile and a quarter walk to and back from the Lakeshore ATM, not much of a walk, but evidently wearisome, if not for the body, then for the head.

And so?

And so we'll babble on here and do nothing about it. We are not crippled, we are slower and more timid over time. Life isn't over, just, you know, not the same as I remember it, what memory is still there.

But you're depressed.

Not after those pain meds.

Later. Well, better, that second dose kicking in sitting here fumbling along with the journal, working with the pictures. Maybe a nap later. Maybe a nap now.

Later still. A quick walk over to the apartment construction site as it approached four in the afternoon to take the usual set of pictures, no sign of activity on the site, so evidently their eight hour work day runs from roughly seven to three. I do need to post the pictures I've taken in these last two months before I get too much further behind.

Otherwise nothing on television tonight, another Death In Paradise at eight. Doesn't really matter as I'm sure I've seen in before, will probably take a look, but won't watch it through. I'm not ready to start another Korean soap, some of the Korean movies are quite good, but their “soaps” (if these are indeed soaps in our sense) are hopeless. I say “soaps”, but they're more like their equivalent of our evening dramas. Either way maybe I'm just spinning my wheels, stating the obvious, obvious to everyone but me.

That year in Korea with the army has maintained my interest. The current elected president of Korea was the young daughter of the then dictator who ruled the country when I was there and most of the Korean movies and what I've been calling soaps make comment on the current reality of closely knit business and government interests that rule the country by fiat. Our own movies and dramas tell the same story, pointing the finger here.

Oh. The picture up top. It looks like this when converted to black and white. I do miss black and white.

Evening. Didn't bother to get up and see what the Death In Paradise episode playing at eight was about. Discovered The Good Wife, an American made series on the tablet that I'm sure anyone and everyone else is familiar with, watching the first three chapters in bed without noticing that eight o'clock had passed right on by.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the forming up of the Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.