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Here In Oakland

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March 13, 2015

I Hope

Friday. I watched three chapters of a Korean soap on the tablet last night, which meant turning the lights out after eleven and then getting into a fitful night's sleep, awakening at six, forty minutes before the alarm. Remembered when I awoke there'd been an Elementary episode playing last night that I'd totally forgotten about. This makes twice in the last few weeks. Hmm. Memory.

Similarly with last night's meds. Somehow, checking the plastic pill container this morning, I realized I'd managed to take two day's doses last night: I'd taken the pills in the Thursday compartment around six and then somehow took the pills in the Friday compartment two hours later. Hmm. The first time I've done this. I've forgotten to take them in the evening once or twice, but this is another variation, another addition to the memory glitches list. Surprised I hadn't noticed the drop in blood pressure it must have caused.

Otherwise, for getting a short and crappy night's sleep, I feel just fine. Go figure. Up easily to take the half mile brisk walk to the morning café. Walking back I noticed a guy in his mid twenties tearing off the bottom off the poster I'd photographed attached to a pole yesterday, deciding it was worth a second picture and posted it as today's header. He just glanced at it as he was passing and tore it off for whatever reason on his way, leaving the bottom half of of the poster lying on the sidewalk. As did I after taking the picture.

A photograph of the construction site to complete the photographic excitement for the morning, still feeling clear headed and awake. Makes no sense after yesterday, although I did have the plain waffle with the fruit topping this morning instead of the two slices of bacon and scrambled eggs I'd had yesterday when the day went off the tracks. I still don't believe it can kick in to screw up the head so soon after eating and so more running around in little mental circles while scratching my head.

Later. A bus downtown to have a turkey with Swiss on a bagel sandwich at the City Center around two after watching Elementary on the computer, a walk then back to Grand to catch a bus, waiting at the stop with what must have been twenty-five grade school kids being herded by a young guy who didn't look all that much older. Seemed to know what he was doing. No complaints when I was able to get a seat.

Off at the stop near the construction site to take a set of pictures, the back sore with the walking to a degree I almost decided to skip the construction site altogether. Nothing terminal, but I'm thinking of lying down again with the tablet, let the back muscles rest. The San Francisco St. Patrick's Day Parade is running late tomorrow morning and I don't want to be too tired or screwed up to photograph it, so we'll have another plain vanilla breakfast again tomorrow and put off walking between now and the parade. It would be scary to crap out twice.

Evening. A New Tricks at seven I haven't seen before and, after watching, I'm not sure I know what exactly happened. Still difficult to make out their English accents combined with what I suspect is my less than solid set of ears. Ah, well. The same issue I've had with this same program in the past. And so to bed early, no more turning the lights out at eleven though, no more tossing and turning, watching the clock (I hope).

The photo up top was taken today walking home from breakfast with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.