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March 3, 2015

Sleep Early

Tuesday. And so to bed and to sleep last night at an early hour, can't quite remember how early or what hour, but awake at six, the internal clock needing more time to reset itself to six-forty with the new walk in the mornings regime. Therefor out of bed early to work briefly with what seemed a clear head on yesterday's entry before setting out for breakfast feeling much better than I did yesterday, the street dust being kicked up by traffic still evident, the watering trucks just starting to spray the road as I arrived at the restaurant.

A better start to the day after yesterday's adventure, feeling much better, a waffle with fruit for breakfast to see if a totally safe diet today has any effect in avoiding the dry mouth business, the ocular migraine business and any of the other businesses I've been seeing. There's a remembrance ceremony being held for my across the hall neighbor and I'm planning to attend. First I have to figure out what kind of remembrance it is and if I should bring or send something like flowers. Why have I put this off until now?

Later. A walk over to the apartment house construction project to take pictures, the usual trip up Grand to Bellevue and then around behind the site. Finishing I realized the timing was right to catch a bus in another two minutes and so to the stop and caught the bus downtown to end up having a cinnamon bun and coffee for lunch in front of the bagel shop. I'd been thinking of a turkey sandwich, better for you than a cinnamon bun, but they're usually sold out and when I saw two of them under their counter glass, I skipped the sandwich.

You were talking earlier about eating right today.

It passed through my mind like light through glass.

A walk then over to the gallery where the remembrance is to take place later this afternoon thinking I'd ask what they typically entailed, but it was closed, the shop obviously booked later for the event. OK. A walk then along Webster instead of Broadway to take a different route home, tired by the time I reached Grand and so sat for five or so minutes waiting on the bus.

Got home and laid down to rest (and watch something on the tablet) for a good hour and a half. No dry mouth or ocular anythings. Feel better. I do need more exercise. Listening to the news at the moment thinking of ways to avoid going downtown again for the remembrance, but half heartedly so, no chance I'll not attend.

You're kidding yourself.

Something I do quite often.

Later still. OK, later, I came up with a couple of reasons, but I essentially flaked on going downtown. No dry mouth, no ocular migraines, a bit tired, but that doesn't count. I did get ready to go and then didn't go. No excuses, but I'll have to make up for it tomorrow.

Evening. Nothing on television, I'm guessing more time with the tablet before getting to sleep early. I can do that: get to sleep early.

The photo up top was taken at a Lion Dance group performing on Webster Street in downtown Oakland with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.