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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


March 21, 2014

More Time
Friday. To bed and to sleep early in the evening again, awake and then up five minutes before the alarm to head off to breakfast on an overcast but (they're saying) soon to be sunny day. A Friday, I believe.

One tries to keep track of these things.

Later. A walk over to the apartment house construction site with a longer lens on the camera this time to take another series of pictures as they were busy sinking foundation beams along what will become the outer edge of the apartment house. Same old stuff, but at least we were able with the longer lens (when we wanted) to get in closer.

Over then to the lake to walk the usual route, one or two pictures as they presented themselves, the sinuses acting up, but this time more in the way you'd think they would with pollen in the air or whatever it is that causes the nose to run rather than the effects of an old operation. Something that's been happening recently when eating, the nose starting to run, but also now, I guess, when you're outside in the sun. Spring pollen sun.

A nap when I got home. Definitely tired, so a nap that lead to what I'm guessing was as much as a half an hour of actual sleep. Still tired now that it's approaching one, but thinking this will pass and we can now get outside for, if nothing else, lunch. The plain waffle with fruit, this morning, so we'll be hungry soon. Right?

You're asking me?

If not you, then who, Dr. Whom?

Later still. A bus downtown, stopping beforehand to take a couple of pictures of the work in progress, getting off at the City Center to have a salad out in front of the Fountain Café, skipping a piece of chicken this time. No sense playing with danger when chicken doesn't pique your fancy. He said as if he were serious.

A walk then back to the apartment stopping at the Broadway ATM and then at the convenience store to pick up a roll of Necco wafers, chomping through them by the time I got home. One must balance one's meals with additional food major groups whenever possible.

A photo or two of the apartment construction site again as I passed it by, they still seem have more of the foundation beams to plant and to cement in place, so I suspect they'll continue on with them through the coming week. What the hell, no complaints, I seem to get off on taking the pictures if not necessarily the pictures themselves.

The day is a little cool when you're not directly under the sun, long sleeved shirt or t-shirt with light jacket weather. Lots of people out, too many who looked as if they may be unemployed and just getting along. This is a reasonably good area of Oakland, younger single and working couples, makes you think (makes me think) how other areas may be coping if this is what is happening here. I doubt they're filled with old farts out on a stroll, walking around as if they haven't a clue with a camera.

But we babble.

But we babble.

Evening. One or two things on television this evening, the first I discovered I'd seen, but (of course) had no idea of the who, what or why of the matter, although I remembered one or two things as it evolved.

Tired for whatever sleep I got last night, thought I'd gotten a lot, but maybe not. To sleep early again unless this first chapter in a new Death In Paradise season is better than I think it may be at nine.

Still, even then, you'll get to bed by ten.

And I still need to spend more time with the guitar.

The photo up top was taken at the the apartment house construction site on Grand yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.