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March 19, 2014

Totally Goes
Wednesday. To bed before nine, up with the alarm, off to breakfast on another clear morning feeling pretty good. The Tribune arrived on time for the first time this morning, so all is well again in Dingle-Dell. I'd say. This early.

A haircut later at ten-thirty, so a bus to the ATM on Broadway and then downtown. Have no idea what there is to do otherwise, but the day is nice, the head (if we're lucky) will remain in place and we'll carry on (with trimmed hair and a quickened pace).


Later. A walk to the bus stop, having a couple of minutes and so a walk to check the construction site. A couple of workmen present, but otherwise no sign of life.

On to the ATM and then on again along Broadway to the City Center to get the hair cut, finishing up just in time to see the homeward bound bus leaving across Broadway. OK. An excuse to have a raspberry shortbread cookie and a small cup of coffee in the Rotunda building while contemplating the floor below.

They ask you not to take pictures, but for some reason I felt in the mood to go down to the bottom floor and shoot the dome when nobody was looking. And no one was. Looking. Another photograph from the side thinking I need to try the dome again with a wider angle lens before heading out the door. Good.

Back to walk along Broadway for a short distance before the bus arrived, off the bus to see some activity on the construction site, a cement truck parked at the opening. Ah, they've been pouring cement into the deep holes where they've positioned the steel beam supports, worth a picture, even if the shooting positions aren't good and the pictures aren't all that clear.

Home now, the temperature outside approaching t-shirt weather, some thought, now that it's one, to get a proper lunch. Which I will do. A bit tired, but a nap can wait for the moment as I believe I hear the call from the morning café in the distance.

That's much too poetic for the morning café. I'm suspecting tinnitus.

Later still. A walk to the morning café for a turkey with Swiss sandwich and a lemonade. Borderline edible - my problem, not a problem with the sandwich - and now back home with the PBS news droning on in the background. I managed but one picture. No complaints, the mouth dry (or what I'm calling dry, more an odd, off feeling than anything to do with wetness), the attitude on cruise. We've done worse.

Some guitar now, I think (start the sales talk) and maybe a nap.

Evening. A decent night's guitar practice, not sure what's been happening here, but I seem of be extending the time and enjoying the results. The left hand is now more comfortable with the stretch and the sound is closer to what you might identify as coming from a guitar. Strange, but satisfying.

Nothing otherwise on television. I watched that first Korean soap, the Wednesday-Thursday night series. I find the odd Asian relationship thing interesting, words without words, people doing extreme things for reasons both familiar and impossible. High school life taken to an absolute extreme? Hard to even say what that might mean. In talking about such things you're more talking about yourself than anything else.

Do you gain insight?

Not if I can avoid it.

Still, nothing else running afterward that I either hadn't seen before or couldn't get myself to sit down and watch even in my stranger dreams, so to bed early and to sleep after going through the latest Scientific American. I've read Scientific American on and off now since about the age of twelve, my father having kept a subscription, but the interest seems to have drifted over the years and recently seems to be coming back.

A couple of recent books covering the latest in cosmology and quantum mechanics (for dummies), for example. See if I can half way understand where they and it stands these days before the mind totally goes.

The photo up top was taken yesterday morning along Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.