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March 2, 2014

Sunday. Let's see, to bed. Yes, we did get to bed at a decent hour last night as the network was still slow and I couldn't get Netflix to come up on the tablet. Still, up without the alarm to set out for breakfast at six-thirty only to find the restaurant closed. Dark. No one inside and another car also parked and waiting.

This for a good fifteen minutes before thinking, well, we'll head on to the supermarket and pick up halfway needed items - sake, cereal, spaghetti and toilet paper - so that by the time we return they will have arrived. So I did and they had. Didn't buy milk, though, thinking I don't want to leave a carton of milk unrefrigerated in the car for two hours. Probably wouldn't have been a problem, but what do I know? Better safe than sorry.

Dark, overcast, although they're saying some chance of sun later, no rain on the immediate horizon. We're not out of the water woods quite yet, but we're no longer breaking the all time set in 1850 record. Which is good, believe me. I've been through one or two droughts here in the past.

Feel OK, the sinuses could be better, but they could also be worse and we do have the little pain pills if necessary. Sometimes they're necessary.

Later. An appointment scheduled tomorrow in the morning for an AT&T techie to come out and look at my Internet connection. I'll do some testing with the 8-port Ethernet switch to see if it hasn't gone iffy again, but otherwise we'll find out what's up and who's to blame tomorrow.

Still overcast looking as if it might rain at any minute so I've talked myself out of going for a walk. Maybe later, but otherwise we'll take more time on the guitar. A lesson coming up Tuesday.

Later still. And so we've been watching Les Revenants, The Returned, a French series on Netflix, and it has held our interest. Weird, bizarre (I'd say bizarre, it takes a lot to be termed bizarre these days) and I'm still wondering where it's going, who's done exactly what and why. So I'm thinking that's good. Les Revenants and a little guitar. We tell ourself we can practice in front of the computer.

Evening. Continued watching Les Revenants, The Returned (as in “from the dead”) on Netflix into the early evening to switch to Moyers & Company briefly because we'd stumbled across the last half of the show earlier and wanted to see what I'd missed at the beginning.

I'm not sure religiously following Mr. Moyers week to week is akin to drinking the Kool Aid, we are after all more than a bit left here in the California cities, and he does make sense, but who knows? We watch. We learn. We say. We sip the Kool Aid along with a bit of sake.

Nothing on later, but that seems to be the norm anymore. Let's hope the public television stations raise the money they're after soon and leave off with all the crap they've been broadcasting. This next week. Tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.