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March 31, 2012

Sleep Before Ten
Saturday. To sleep at a decent hour, up two minutes before the alarm. A good start. Off to breakfast and back, the sky looking pretty nice to the north but the clouds coming in from the west and the south looking ominous, a hard rain starting the minute I got back to the apartment. Not the way you want your weekend to begin, not something the farmer's market wants to see as they were finishing their setup as I drove by. But what the hell, the last day of March - in like a lamb, out like a lion - perhaps this to prepare one and all for a first day of April Fools surprise. Sun would be a surprise. March-ing in Oakland. Marched-out in Oakland. Something like that.

Later. It certainly did rain this morning but stopped around noon and, although still ominously cloudy, seemed on the way to clearing up so I was out the door dressed for the weather with camera in hand.

A picture to document the lake. Few if any birds, although there were still half a dozen coots swimming and feeding by the white column fountain. On through the farmer's market to the morning restaurant for a cup of coffee sitting out alone on their patio at the one table set with chairs under the awning. Nice, actually, people walking by. Not so many people walking by, but the rain had stopped, it was a Saturday just after noon and the town was awake.

A walk then back through the farmer's market (without taking any pictures), a fair number of people present given the earlier rain, most in line to buy at the vegetable stalls and the various ethnic food tables. The big inflatable slides for the kids, the band, the tables for people to sit at and eat while listening to the music were nowhere to be found.

No thought to sit by the while columns, not with the rain puddles on all the benches, so back to the apartment to take a long bath and futz afterward with the computer. And tune the guitar. And go over those new chords again to find they're now sounding better. With but two days practice? Is something happening? Am I making progress?

You're rattling on like an idiot.

Well, yes, but those chords really did sound pretty good.

Evening. I'd seen the Scandinavian police procedural that came on at six (and nine), so some time on the guitar, some television, a self portrait or two for the hell of it, a bit of an ongoing movie from Netflix and to bed about nine. No interest in reading, no interest in listening to the radio, off to sleep before ten.

This one was taken walking along Grand yesterday with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.