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March 17, 2012

Pray For Guinness
Saturday. So much for having adjusted to Daylight Savings time. Up this morning well after the alarm, off to breakfast and back with a detour to get the gas tank filled, home now before nine, but not all that much before nine. No rain at the moment, but rain clearly on the menu for the day. They're saying a slight dusting of snow on the highest hills. Happens sometimes, but no high hills around here where I live in Oakland.

Indeed I managed to put away those three small bottles of sake last night. To bed before ten, no ill effects from the experience. I will have to avoid the sharp cheddar spread, an old form of comfort food associated with much earlier Christmas seasons. Processed cheese can't be all that good for you in other respects, I'd imagine, now that we've entered the processed foods are evil era. And I'm sure they are, those processed foods. Bad for the body, if not quite so for the soul.

The Saint Patrick's Day parade is coming up later this morning. Looking at the weather and me together I think we'll miss it this year. We will, I would think.

Later. A walk over to the ATM on Lakeshore, then back to the 7-11 look-alike down the way for an ice cream cone. The farmer's market was in full swing - full swing for a cold, overcast, looking like rain morning at ten - but, camera over shoulder, I didn't see or take any pictures, the walk more a military march on Moscow than a weekend stroll. Ah, well.

Walking the brief stretch along the lake, realizing I'd walked maybe two miles without a snapshot, I took one or two of the lake (that building in the background has always been a focal point) and then finally snapped one of this flier I'd seen attached to half the trees and light poles along the route. What exactly does the writer expect? Someone to call - it was those bad assed Asian ladies from the building next door! - and he or she will, what? Call an attorney? Their dog bit his dog? That could indeed be a tragic tale, but you wonder.

So, the walk in for the day feeling tired and run down. We'll blame it on the sake last night, although I'm not sure it's the culprit. I've been focusing too much on this age thing, probably the result of the birthday last week, need to plan some kind of caper outside the area.

You've said that now some five hundred times without lifting a finger.

Well, March. Soon we'll have April and decent California weather. I'm thinking of driving across one of the bridges to, say, Hawaii.

Later still. There doesn't seem to be any rain out there, hasn't been all day, so maybe I could have photographed the Saint Patrick's Day parade late this morning. If it weren't for the fact I've been so tired. Up now after about an hour's nap, my small brain calculating: maybe that sake consumed two evenings in a row can, well, slow me down? Let's hope so. Otherwise, the way I feel now, I'm pretty much out of commission if it just comes along without something to blame it on.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. You've been through this before and survived.

Well, indeed. No pictures, as such, the writing is rocky, but everything else is on target. The only problem there isn't a lot of “everything else”. Food doesn't much interest me, hard to head out and have a this or a that at a restaurant to get yourself out of the house, engage in conversation if only to say “two helpings of the deep fried cheese puffs, please”. Mr. S's band has a gig down in Dublin tomorrow and there was some thought of attending, an all day sort of Saint Patrick's affair, fifty dollars at the gate for all you can eat and drink. Just the thing, don't you think? All you can eat and drink?

Still, I have another Deadwood DVD due from Netflix this afternoon. I haven't checked the mail yet, it may well be sitting in the mailbox downstairs right now. That will get us through an evening.

Evening. I think I'll have had enough of dear old Deadwood by the time I finish this third and last season. Still interesting, doesn't really slip into self parody all that often, so no complaints, I'm actually watching it. The six o'clock (in this case) Swedish police procedural was one I've seen before, but couldn't remember. I recognized it from its beginning, a body falling on top of a car, but I couldn't remember how it played out or who the bad guys were. Interesting, as I hadn't seen it all that long ago. I'd say within the year, but I'm finding what I think of as having happened, say, last year, can often have transpired three and four years back. My, my.

So a better evening, we'll leave the sake for another week or so, if it leads to tired days like today I'm afraid it too will have to add itself to the really do not consume list. Pray for Guinness.

This one was taken at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.