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March 15, 2012

No Complaints. Yet.
Thursday. A mist like rain this morning, awake with the alarm, but taking fifteen minutes to get up and out of bed. Such is life. A run then to have breakfast at the usual place, home before eight. They say intermittent rain today with another storm coming in this evening. OK, we're still on track for rain through the weekend. I wonder if that will cause me to skip out on the Saint Patrick's Day Parade? It might.

The guitar lesson is coming up at my new date and time at half past noon, we'll do some last minute warm ups before we set out. I need to run by an ATM again, this rain and my bank's lack of ATM's in my area a problem, but one I'm willing to put up with in avoiding the too big to fail monoliths.

They say they're bigger than ever and they will fail again in the future since the Dodd-Frank legislation essentially left them untouched. I believe it, as I also believe my moving my bank account will have little or no effect, moving it might, because of its small and unproductive size, add to their bottom line. Some things you do just to be ornery. As Snappy Sammy was fond of saying: “Smash the state!” I'm too old and lazy to be out smashing the state.

You were always too old and lazy to be out smashing the state.

There are degrees to everything, my friend. Degrees and degrees, most of them (around here) having to do with the weather.

Later. I got an email from Network Solutions, the outfit that licenses domain names, asking if I wanted to license, a “premium” domain name. What's a “premium” domain name? Well, in this case I can license it for $4,688.00. I sometimes ask myself why I pick up domain names at all. Most of the time a phrase will come to mind, I'll like it and check to see if it's available and, if it is more often than I should, I pick it up. I've pretty much put a stop to it these last couple of years, but obviously, if they're really getting that much for a secondary name for something like artandlife, I won't be out of pocket.

Of course the last time someone did this (did I want, unavailable now, but coming on the market soon?) I didn't bother to reply and then picked it up later when it did indeed become available without paying any premium. Odd, this world. And predictable. Schemes abound.

Still drizzling out there, looks like rain all day before the next storm arrives this evening, so no walking I suspect.

More time on the guitar, the lesson now in another hour, we'll brave the storm and play. Artfully, I hope. At least not disastrously. We've had enough of that in the past.

Later still. It went OK. I'm not ready to play the Warfield yet, but I did get through the chord sequences somewhat better than I did last week. Progress. Hup.

A drive by the supermarket after to pick up some very necessary items. I say very necessary as I've been putting off the trip now for some time. I'm not sure why. Anyway: cheese, crackers and sake to walk the ocular migraine wire, we'll see how that goes. Some wooden matches for the candles, frozen orange juice for the refrigerator (I go through a large can every week or so), cottage cheese (which I've not necessarily been all that fond of in the past, but find it quite palatable now) and grapes. One can't go wrong with grapes. Right??

So we'll see. It isn't raining at the moment, but it's not looking good, I believe them when they say a storm is coming later this evening. One look at the sky and you've no doubt. We'll take the rest of the day as it goes, see if we can't get some more guitar in today and, well, maybe get to bed early again, see if I can awake and get up with the alarm.

Evening. Cheese gone, half the crackers, three of the little bottles of sake now history. I haven't had any in a while - cheese, crackers and sake - so we'll see how the next couple of days transpire. A bit of the old ocular migraine in my future? One never knows. I obviously needed a break and this is a break: no regrets, no complaints. Yet.

This one was taken at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.