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March 13, 2012

Break The Bank
Tuesday. The rains have arrived. Awake with the alarm, but back to sleep again, getting up forty-five minutes later. Better than yesterday morning, so we got to breakfast by seven and back home by eight in the rain, as it's now starting to really come down. We're due for rain through the weekend.

Later. Definitely raining. Headed down to the bus with plenty of time to catch it not realizing the smart phone was set on the wrong stop. My guess is I missed it by a minute and then waited for another ten before realizing my mistake. OK, appointment at ten, it's now twenty of, best to walk down two stops and catch the nine forty-five (which didn't come).

Dressed for the rain, anyway. Arrived fifteen minutes late and she was able to get me out the door and on the way before her next appointment arrived (good), a walk over to the Rotunda building for a cookie and coffee, cutting it short to catch a bus. A less than perfect outing, but then some are, are they not? No complaints. Back now at the apartment, the heat on, raining outside, feeling pretty good. Awake, anyway, no complaints.

Later still. Actual rain. None of this rain every now and again business, a steady rain just as they forecast. Nothing to do about it so we'll see if we can't do something here inside. To say I've been sitting here like a bump is no exaggeration, I've been sitting here much like a bump since I retired. Some might say (I'd have to think about this a little, but I suspect they might be right) I've been sitting like a bump for this last decade, but that would be embarrassing to say. Or to admit.

Evening. Watched Magraitte at six. I fight it, but I watch it. Played along doing scales on the guitar. A decent evening, I guess. Maybe get to bed early, see if we can get up at the proper time tomorrow and break the bank.

This one was taken of Lake Merritt three years ago with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.