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March 3, 2012

Hospitable Surroundings
Saturday. To bed last night just after nine having gotten a little burned out watching a chapter in the second Deadwood season thinking, well, thinking whatever. Maybe it's best to take Deadwood in smaller portions, spread it out a bit. Up this morning at eight, though: ten full hours of sleep. After yesterday's nap and now this long night of rest I'm wondering what's what? But then I'm always wondering what's what and putting off just getting on with it.

But we digress.

But we digress.

Off to breakfast and the papers, the sky clear, the sun bright, the light nice. I took the picture above walking over to the market after breakfast (still had time left on the meter) and took the picture. There was a sign at his workstation saying today was his eightieth birthday. Eighty years. Scary. Indeed. Still, what the hell? Eighty years in the life of a clown. We're all clowns. Best to celebrate.

Anyway, started up the blood pressure medication again this morning after a reading of 130 over 100 earlier, down to 101 over 69 when I returned from breakfast. The stuff seems to work. Now if it can flounder along with this latest reading as its bottom things can begin to work again. We'll see. We'll probably take another half dozen readings, all noted in detail before the day is out, and the day is far from out.

Later. A walk after noon to the ATM, managing to avoid the ice cream parlour: the farmers market and the surrounding sidewalk restaurants, coffee shops and such along Lakeshore really crowded. The whole area was crowded and I decided to head on around to the morning restaurant (where they had tables available out front - you guys doing enough business?) to sit and have a BLT, mixed fruit and diet Coke. For some reason I wasn't able to put much of a dent in the diet Coke.

So another afternoon, another walk to the morning café, another sit by the lake for a while before returning to the apartment, a couple of photographs in the basket. The sinus-upper palate has been aching. I come close to forgetting about it unless it steps forward and today it's stepped forward. That jaw operation? If it is, it's one of the less clever decisions I've made in my life. Otherwise it's been reasonably clear, floating along in my bubble as I walked, lying down when I got home to take a nap. Nap, nap.

I've spent some time with the guitar, but not enough. We're a little guitar shy, we are. We'll leave it at that, we're shy of just about everything lately, I'm thinking of moving to Plan B.

Plan B?

Just thinking. In order to have a Plan B you've got to have a Plan A. What's my Plan A? What?

Evening. We watched the Swedish police procedural. We did. Can't complain, because that is indeed what I did. Maybe I should get cable. Wouldn't be hard to rationalize cable.

Feel pretty good compared to this morning and afternoon. Took an extra dose of the pain meds, I'm never sure if they have an effect or not. The meds I'm taking aren't all that potent, although I've always felt they do some good. Take the edge off what would be a good deal more unpleasant if it had an edge. Life is easier with them than without.

So another day rattles down. I've done some housekeeping with the Deadwood series playing in the background. With Deadwood I've had the DVD fail on three separate occasions, counting this evening's dead DVD. We'll get it replaced, but I suspect the days of rental DVD's are numbered, not that you can't learn as much by reading the news. The Deadwood DVD is dead, he said. Exciting times, these.

This narrative is unravelling again.

My head is unravelling again.

Anyway, some housekeeping, charging and replacing batteries in the external strobes thinking I might use them soon. Doesn't take much, a little effort to get things done. Wouldn't take much to put this whole place into some kind of order. Odd thought, of course, but I have lived long stretches of my life in what might be considered hospitable surroundings.

This one was taken at the Grand Lake Farmers market this morning with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.