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March 30, 2011
Wetter I'd Guess

Wednesday. To bed last night around eleven, dropping off to sleep soon thereafter, up this morning without the alarm at quarter to six. A better time to get up, actually, as the hour and a quarter I generally have to read the papers in the morning getting up at six often isn't quite enough and that extra fifteen minutes makes it about right. No reason to read the papers in the morning feeling rushed when you're retired, right? Back now at the apartment at eight looking to have a quick guitar session now to warm up for this morning's lesson.

I drove to the supermarket last night and bought cheese, crackers and sake as well as orange juice, frozen corn and peas. Sounds a bit awful somehow, but they seem to be ongoing staples around here of my less than well thought out diet. Drank the two small bottles of sake (of course), ate some cheese and crackers, felt reasonably clear headed and fit when I headed off to bed. An altogether good evening.

The guitar lesson now. Ready or not.

Later. A decent lesson, the song segments I've been practicing going well, the chords sounding somewhat like guitar chords. Nothing close to what my instructor gets out of his guitar while he's playing along with me, but better than I've been able to play in the past. Feels good to see progress, doesn't really seem to matter how much. Progress is progress. (hup! hup!).

A walk in the early afternoon back to the morning restaurant to have a BLT, potato salad and iced tea. I wasn't really hungry, although I hadn't eaten all that much for breakfast, but I needed to get out of the apartment and eating is always an excuse. Of course that's the habit: I always need to get out of the apartment in the late mornings, the novelty would be if I stayed inside.

More of these, as it happens. A really good idea for a web business, although I have no idea how they're doing or how many people are coming by. They sell ad space, they sell prints, I'm sure there are other ways to monetize this, but what the hell? For now I'll play with the pictures and put the occasional one up here.

Evening How do you bite your tongue and make it bleed while you're brushing your teeth? Have I ever done that before in my entire life? Not even sure how I did it, didn't seem all that big a deal. Still, it's stopped now, life goes on. Stumbles on. It's early yet, but I think it's come time for bed. Better a tongue biter than a bed wetter I'd guess.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2007 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens.