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March 20, 2011

End The Evening

Sunday. To bed last night at eleven having watched another chapter of one of those Korean soap operas I haven't totally given up on yet. A fitful sleep, I suspect, up at nine. Slow to get going, but a good night's sleep for all that, even with the lightening, thunder and wind. They say some thirty thousand people lost their power in the east bay overnight. Or was it three thousand? However many, I wasn't one of them, so off to breakfast and back now after eleven. So far periods of sun interspersed with periods of very heavy rain. Let's hope the sun wills out.

Later. I bundled up in a t-shirt, turtleneck pull over, long sleeved shirt, sweater, rain jacket, gloves and hat, heading out the door wondering if I'd get beyond the lobby of the apartment. A very light rain, not so bad, so a walk down to the bus stop kiosk to stand for a few minutes, not many, and watch the “very light rain” as it fell and then stopped. Almost stopped. No bus was due so I started out down Grand, thinking maybe I'd go by Whole Foods and buy something comforting for later this evening.

Somehow that resulted in walking to the City Center with a dog leg off Broadway along Telegraph, taking a picture or two or three. The people doing the mural seem to be making progress, although far from done. None of them there painting today, the rain after all. Not sure why I took this one, maybe the three reflections in the glass, although I was thinking more why do they let this build up on a corner in an area where they have reasonably well known watering spots, bars, sushi houses and such that make the entertainment sections in the local papers? If I owned one of them I'd not wait to have the owner pick it up.

Then again, what the hell? A walk through Justin Herman Plaza in front of City Hall. Liked this one, not sure if it translates at this size. Another picture of the area they're working on in front of Well Fargo, you can see the problematic sky. Peet's is closed after twelve or one on a Sunday, doesn't matter which at two in the afternoon. Anyway, a long three mile walk when it was done, a bus back to have a cup of coffee and a cookie out in front of Coffee With A Beat not all that far from the apartment. Back now after three. Deedle-dee-dee.

Rain as mentioned, on and off. My sister is due to arrive for three days late this Monday where she'll be staying with our cousin Ms. P in San Rafael, driving over the Richardson Bay Bridge to go out photographing the local sites from here. And it's been raining. And the forecasts aren't good. Still, even with rain, I've had good luck with the light and periods during those days when it was dry. We'll head for the usual places to shoot the usual suspects. See how that turns out. I think I'll cancel my guitar lesson, though, coming as it does Wednesday morning.

Evening. My guitar has been failing over this last week, failing in the sense it wasn't putting much of anything out to the amplifier. So I learned, through the Fender forum, my Strat has a 9 volt battery inside. Open the back plate, replace the battery and your neighbors again know all is well with the world. My world, if not their's. So good. My guitar teacher didn't catch it when we were having trouble getting anything out of it last week, but I'd guess it's easy to assume it may be something to do with cables, switch boxes and amps as he as his share. But good. A good session to end the evening.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2007 Gay Pride Parade with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens.