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March 17, 2011

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Thursday. To bed last night at eight, up this morning at nine to take a bath, make some appointments over the phone and set out for breakfast at eleven, back now to the apartment before two. A nice leisurely breakfast where I spent more time with the papers than usual, more as there were more stories worth reading than for anything else. We live in interesting times, may as well make use of them in the mornings over coffee. These interesting times.

With all the sleep the head is still in its bubble. Not tired, though. Still, took a while to get the head back together and the body working once I'd awakened, maybe that's normal, maybe that's not, but it's managable if you're retired with an open schedule. Maybe best to just put it aside, not think about it.

An MRI scan scheduled for the 25th, a week from tomorrow. The ocular neurologist said she wanted to see me afterward to go over the results. I don't know how many people who've had prostate cancer come up with this particular double vision problem and she didn't seem willing to say, other than it's one of the things that causes it. I had my annual checkup and PST test just last month, negative as far as the surgeon was concerned, although I've detected an undercurrent of concern in his behavior these last three visits. I guess we'll see soon enough.

No double vision this morning, though. I'd had it driving down to the appointment yesterday, but it had cleared up to the point it was hard for them to detect by the time I arrived. I mentioned the doctor seemed sharp. She caught it right away where the younger doctor, an intern perhaps, had not. They discussed the tests they'd given me, interesting discussion, and then went on to schedule the MRI's. As I mentioned, they got my attention.

Now, the day hardly started given my history of getting up at six, it's approaching three and I haven't even turned on the news yet. That we'll do as we practice our guitar. Maybe a turn for the good there after this last week of practice. I saw progress and realized actually practicing a minimum of an hour, better yet two hours a day, would take me even further. Why not? What as I going to do otherwise? I made the decision to learn to play a guitar, so let's play. Hey. Hup! Mup! Pup!

Later. Well, time spent playing with the pictures, nothing of real interest on my short walk earlier. I ran across these on a web site yesterday, a way to incorporate your portrait into a background scene provided by the web site (located here). Kinda fun, don't you think? I particularly like this one. Big Brother. Is it OK to be in favor of Big Brother if you're the Big Brother? I think not. Too many people to watch. Too many people to eliminate. Maybe something more like this.

The photograph was taken day before yesterday of the current Grand Lake theater marquee with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 24 - 120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.