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The Sole Prop's Sister?

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San Francisco St. Patrick's Day parade.

Under here.

March 18, 2008

Maybe That's So
Tuesday. I got up somewhat later than usual this morning having gone to bed at what I remember was a reasonable hour, the head feeling funky, the general horizon pulling itself closer inside my head. Sitting at the computer now thinking of ways to determine if this funky head thing couldn't be caused by my environment, a thought I've had many times. The bed I bought about the time all this started? Are the walls laced with substituted chemical “x” added by the builders to make an extra dollar? One way to know would be to go sit on a beach for a couple of months. Or book a cruise around the world. I suspect it would give me an answer, probably the same answer I got the last time I took time away from home. And I don't think I could spend two months on a ship staring out at an ocean, although I have friends who prefer them and find ways to keep themselves busy. There are evidently single women on board these cruises who are looking for something or someone to do. Doodle-dee-do.

At least you didn't start with how wonderful the day, how bright the sun, how warm the air, how pleasant the little kitty cats gamboling on the lawn.

Well, my building doesn't have a lawn so the little kitty cats are gamboling somewhere else here in the building on whatever they can find. Ms. Emmy, for example, is gamboling on my lap after throwing her cookies in the bedroom.

Do you own stock in Nature's Miracle? You'd keep the price up all by yourself since you undoubtedly go through it by the gallon.

Not by the gallon. Who knows? Maybe it's just a day to have an unusually funky head. Spring is here, I'm retired, maybe I do need a vacation, a trip somewhere with a camera. Perhaps a walk will clear my head, I seem to feel better once I'm out the door and breathing whatever it is we have here in Oakland, what with the trucks and ships at the port and the long lines of cars on the highways that criss cross this city.

My, my. We do have an attitude.

Well, as I said, maybe it's just Tuesday and I need to drive up to Napa or something, drive down to Half Moon Bay, get on the road and see where it takes me.

Later. A bus downtown to drop off some paperwork at the Social Security office, feeling better the moment I left the door, sitting for an hour at the office watching the people come in and go out, picking up a tuna fish sandwich at a Subway before hopping on a bus; sitting here now at the computer listening to the News Hour on Public television. So, this morning was just me complaining? Do I feel all that much better now? I was fine walking around, good stamina and all that (the walking is doing me good),but why so punk in the morning, so much better in the afternoon (and evening)?

Well, boy-howdy it's hard to know.

Isn't it though? Maybe that's just how it works and life is telling me to take a vacation somewhere nice where photo opportunities abound. Could be. Don't you think?

We've missed Carnaval in Rio.

Yes that's true. We're running toward summer and I'm not sure I want to spend time closer to the equator (yes, I know crossing the equator and going farther south would resolve the issue) so I'm wondering if I might not just, you know, pitch a tent on Lake Merritt for a week or two?

Be serious.

I'd like to spend a month in, say, Japan during a period when they're having festivals. I don't speak Japanese, I'm not sure how well I'd get around the smaller towns, not even sure what their festivals are like other than through pictures. Maybe I could do the same thing in Taiwan. I spent a year in Korea in the army in 1968 - 69 cooped up in an army base, maybe a month somewhere south of Seoul to see how the country's changed. Do they have festivals in Korea? I suspect they do (with colorful Korean masks and costumes).

Not Europe?

Not Europe. I don't know why not Europe. I've passed on opportunities to travel to England and France. Maybe that's would be a good way to get further out of my comfort zone. My funky headed comfort zone. My brother-in-law's family is French, I'd have a place to land and a base to venture forth. I understand Paris is an interesting city for photographers and photographs, perhaps you've heard that too.

You're not being serious at all.

I've thought all this over a number of times for a number of years yet here I remain in Oakland. I get up to Seattle at least every year. Why not Hawaii? I liked the Virgin Islands in the 1950's when I had a chance to vacation there with my family. Nice place, nice beaches, a nice ocean where I first learned to use scuba gear (without lessons - don't you scuba dive or let your kids scuba dive without taking lessons lest you or they drown). Can Hawaii be all that different? And maybe they too have festivals? Beach parties? Volcanos?

Maybe it's just you don't want to travel alone.

Maybe that's so.

The photograph was taken Saturday at the San Francisco St. Patrick's Day parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24 -70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens at 1/200th second, f 2.8, ISO 200.