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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
At a recent lunch in Oakland

March 27th, 2004

So Do I
The early morning drizzle gave way to a sunny day, by the way, so I was able to walk down to the cafe for breakfast in naught but a lightweight jacket and a Nikon. No vertigo (good) but the usual ongoing aching jaw (aching isn't the right word: more comfortable than aching, less comfortable than "tingling" or numb). No complaints.

I did run into James in the early afternoon as I was taking a coffee outside on the sidewalk, James evidently returning home from the farmer's market with parcels in hand. A small flash of community here in Oakland. Nice. I'd bought some Tangerines earlier on my way home as Mandarin oranges haven't been available for some reason now for the last few weeks. Who knows where they come from, who knows why they're no longer sold? Same with Pippin apples. You walk the stalls and hope whatever you buy was grown soulfully somewhere nearby.

Mandarin oranges? Nearby?

Well, yes, but it's a farmer's market, you understand. Those rotisserie chickens they're selling off the Rotisserie Chicken Truck with the big plastic roasted chicken on top: organic, no doubt; free range, one hopes; humanely butchered by folks who deep in their hearts did't want to do the deed.

Right. Farmer's market. Organically grown. It says so on the little printed labels, right?

Well, what the hell. Fruit. Vegetables. I figure any I eat are to the good, given my history. They have a band that plays later in the morning, all this across from the Grand Lake Theater. It's becoming positively civilized.

The color in the photograph is more than a little weird. Yes, I think he has a sunburn, but something's gone wrong. I have the new CS version of PhotoShop and the color changes radically when I launch the Image Ready component to optimize it for the web. Version 7 doesn't have this problem. Either that or I'm doing something wrong with the color profile in the digital image. Probably both. There's whole long sections in the manual describing color management and I've probably screwed it up! up! hup! Do you detect a lack of concern? Yes. So do I, but I'll read the manual. These things are important on a Saturday, two whiskey and waters to the wind, here in Oakland.

Note: Interesting. Having written the above I went to the Adobe site and discovered a download that includes the Nikon D2h RAW file plug-in. The difference is amazing. I've changed the image, of course, but the old one, the one I was unhappy with, it posted here. Old dog, new tricks.

The photograph was taken at a recent lunch in Oakland with a Nikon D2H mounted with a 28 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor (Nikon) lens.