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San Francisco Carnaval parade

March 16th, 2004

Place For Me
Another sun drenched California Monday begun by walking half the way to work before catching a bus, then eating breakfast and reading the paper before launching myself into the office with a muttered "what the fuck". A fitful morning, but life and its options seemed to open up by early afternoon. The digital camera arrives tomorrow, I've promised to shoot a St. Patrick's Day gig some friends are playing on Wednesday and the Ladies and Gents Who Lunch are getting together for a couple of hours early Thursday evening. All of this is good, distractions to make the week pass quickly. Should I take the digital camera to shoot the St. Patrick's Day gig? Probably not. Not until I figure it out. I've seen the pictures. There are many buttons, some knowledge of which is probably necessary to make it work.

This is limping.

You start these as best you can. Journal entries are much like my old wine tasting notes. I would read them later and not have a clue what the wine might have really tasted like from the description, although I could see wine number one appeared to be better than wine number three. Same with the journal, what does it mean when I say I was dizzy that day? The vertigo - dizzy thing has gotten much better over these last six months, I know that, but what does any given day's entry imply when I read: "the world was rotating faster on its axis this morning when I arose. The birds were singing, I think. Hard to tell, what with the low voices and the car alarms ringing in the distance."

Tuesday. The camera has arrived. It is lighter than an F5, which is nice. ForMs. Emmy in the livingroom one thing it doesn't use eight AA batteries like the F5 but a single lightweight much smaller rechargeable unit that comes with the camera. And there are buttons. And there is software. And there are cables and flash cards and a wireless transmitter that attaches to the camera bottom that transmits pictures to a nearby laptop (if you happen to have a nearby laptop, which I don't). And there are manuals in six languages. And it is going to take a while yet to finish charging this here first battery so I can try it out, tired as I am in this warm late afternoon in Oakland.

Are you suggesting life is hard like some spoiled child?

I am suggesting that I am now going to find out something about this Digital Photographic Age we've willy nilly entered and if there's a place for me - deedle-dee-dee - inside.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Carnaval parade with a Nikon F5 and a 135mm f2.0 Nikkor (Nikon) lens on Kodak TMY-400, processed by Camera Corner in Oakland. The snapshot of Ms. Emmy was taken with a Nikon D2h digital camera mounted with a 50mm f1.2 Nikkor (Nikon) lens and an SB-800 strobe light.