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San Francisco Gay Pride parade

March 13th, 2004

Now Imagine
Another week gone, a four day week, since I took last Monday off. It's seems like a year with the last weekend lost in a temporal fog. Good, not good? I'm feeling well, up for the digital camera's arrival next week, not up for the job with more and more work yet the same number of people cranking it out. Made an appointment for an interview with the gallstone surgeon the second week of April (popular fellow, evidently). I've had gallstone symptoms for more than a year, I assume they'll hold for another month before they attempt a breakout. You never know, life being full of its little surprises.

The weather has been hot and sunny. Spring and fall are hot and sunny in the bay area, the summers cooler. I still need to take the next step and find another set of subjects to photograph. Or the same subjects in another setting. A photographer is only as good as his (or her) next picture, what's my next picture? Odd to wait for the onset of obsession. Obsessive behavior is useful in photography, in writing, in sloth.

Less good with life, though.

I'm not so sure. I still think of Mann Ray, two years obsessed painting the lips of Lee Miller. What did he see in those two years of painting? What do I see in my pictures?

Cute girls in various poses if you find it not overly strenuous at the time to raise up your camera and shoot their picture?

Well, yes, but you can hope for lips. I understand lips. Joyce Cary's Gully Jimson painted feet and hands. What lights my fire? A certain light in the eye, a certain shadow; writing great quantities of bullshit for online digestion? Congestion? Nah. I was thinking as I was walking home from breakfast this morning I could now shoot and post almost real time with this camera and the journal could drift toward, well, journalism. Personal journalism, of course, kitty cat stories more than world wars and mass extinctions. How many photographs, for example, have I taken of Emmy? How many might I take when I can see the results real time and make immediate adjustments? More than the half dozen or so shots I've taken to date, but fewer, I suspect, than I imagine.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a Nikon F5 and a 135mm f2.0 Nikkor (Nikon) lens on Kodak TMY-400, processed by Camera Corner in Oakland.