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A store window in Oakland.

March 17th, 2003

For The Camera
So, "48 hours to get out of town". Now we learn what is what. Let us hope it goes well.

I walked into work this morning, a good day. A long day, but a good day. Nice, cheerful stuff on the front page of the paper. Should terrorists attack the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in southern California and manage to drain the two holding ponds - the ones in the less well defended building - an area about the size of New Jersey would become uninhabitable for at least a century and, one assumes, the people living inside would find their real estate significantly devalued. Another story described the US Army sniper platoon and how its members undergo "specialized training". A third story reported that a young Tacoma, Washington girl had been crushed by a bulldozer while trying to stop it from destroying a house in Palestine. I skipped page one. The stock market, now that the "uncertainty" of war - we're going - is diminished, gained four percent. Go figure.

Still, I did walk to work, the day went well. I don't feel that dizzy, the sun is shining and I'm working on my second whiskey. Pay attention to the good stuff. Shoot some pictures. Of Emmy. Hiding under the bed. Come out Emmy. Look nice for the camera.

The photograph was taken of a store window display in Oakland.