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Lake Merritt

March 29th, 2002

Time To Git
Friday. Why is there only one Friday in the week? How about two Fridays, two Saturdays and two Sundays? Or four Saturdays, skip the Sundays, four days of rest and three days of toil. Or, better yet, since we don't want to get the religious upset - they're upset most of the time as it is - give everyone a choice: Saturday, Sunday, you get to pick, put them together like book ends: Friday - Saturday - Sunday, Monday; Friday - Saturday - Sunday, a total of seven.

Work for a day, two days off, work for two, another two days off and then you repeat. We'd have to give up some of the other named days, of course, days like Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, but all really positive innovations require some sacrifice. I'd still get in close to forty hours over those three remaining work days, of course, but boy howdy would I get me batteries charged.

I finally called the old storage outfit this afternoon and they'll deliver my storage container to the new storage outfit in Alameda next Sunday afternoon, which is fine. I'll pack the stuff up here at the apartment this weekend and have everything together in one place next week. No reason to move too quickly, you understand, with only a two day long weekend with which to work.

It is now Saturday morning. Supposed to be a good weekend. I'm running over to CompUSA to buyThe Oakland City Center a copy of Turbo Tax and get my taxes filed. Stupid to let it drag on so long, but this marks the last remaining financial task I have on my plate. We've been told no company bonus or raises this year, which is a big financial hit. The lack of financial performance, the miserable quality of our senior management, all of this means, now that the economy seems to be turning, that I should look more closely for something else. I go on about it here, but I notice I've been doing the little things I need to do to get ready, even putting the stuff in storage is a part of this, thinking about another car, but a car appropriate to another location, somewhere away from here, focusing on skills that make a move more likely, all of the little things that never get done until you find yourself serious and then they get done.

I said I was going to CompUSA today. Time to git.

The banner photograph was taken of Lake Merritt in Oakland (I live off to the left) and the second photograph was taken in the Oakland City Center.