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March 24th, 2000

Ferry Boat, Bus and BART
If I'm spring fever jumpy, it's a pretty laid back spring fever jumpy. I'm not able to focus on anything for more than about five minutes, but there's electricity in the air and people on the street and I'd rather be walking with the people on the street than sitting up in an office building searching out Office 2000 nonsense. Actually, I would rather have been out there with the people on the street walking home and you know, sure enough, here I am.

I was right about the photographs I shot yesterday at lunch. Two are displayed here and I'll run more over the weekend. Right in the sense there are perhaps three or four that are good and some that are nice that I may come back for if I run out of pictures later. Like Tuesday. Which is OK. I want to shoot tomorrow, although this wouldn't have been the first time I've sat at the monitor on a Friday night talking about what I'm going to do on a Saturday. Saturday has its own schedule, which it announces in the mornings, so saying I'm going to shoot pictures tomorrow of "x" is pretty much fantasy. (Pause)

Maybe I'll scout out the new Giants baseball stadium, although I'd like to do that when people are arriving for a game. I'm a people shooter, after all, my father was the architect. And besides, I'm told you can catch a ferry boat from Jack London Square to the new stadium's entrance gate. Take a ferry, shoot some pictures, walk to BART and come back home under the bay. Sounds like a nature walk.

The first game in the new stadium is next week. They sold the financing for the stadium to San Francisco voters (45,000 seats and 5,000 parking slots) saying there would be no traffic or parking problems when it was completed and since it was one of those propositions where people wanted it, but people knew the traffic and parking were going to be a fucking nightmare whatever anybody was saying, they went into denial and pushed the traffic-parking issue back under the covers, voted for the stadium and decided to blame someone else when it was finished. Well, it's finished and opening day is a week away and nobody's said anything about traffic and parking. Yet.

Understand, for those of you who live beyond the bridges (or the oceans) that this baseball stadium is located right smack in the middle of ecommerce - web city - techie central - south of Market - San Franciso, where the street traffic teeters at the edge of parking lot at any given moment and they've built a baseball stadium without proper access roads and parking lots right in the center of it. About four blocks from my old place of employment at the Rip Off Press and about ten blocks from my old flat at the top of Potrero Hill, where, in fact, twenty years ago, it might have worked. Might have worked. So maybe I'll go over and photograph it for posterity, but on foot by ferry boat, bus and BART.

I just watched parts of a television program on the problems older techies have getting a job. I At lunch. think about that sometimes. It's easy to get really involved in some narrow aspect of the computer world when you work for a large company and forget about everything else you've ever learned in the past and then find yourself out on the street with a set of skills nobody wants anymore because they've been superceded by the next wave of acronyms. They were suggesting that over 35 is a problem. Over 35. Hmmmmm. I've often wondered what I would do to find employment if I should find myself out on the street. There are whole technologies that I've learned and forgotten. Remember something called NetWare? Still out there, of course, but bleeding and battered under the Microsoft bludgeon (and some pretty stupid moves on their own part). If I were out on the street, being an ex-CNE NetWare guy would not be my selling point. Do I know other stuff? I know how to bullshit, if not with the best, then, at least, with the practiced. That helps.

The photographs were taken yesterday at lunch.