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She likes my journal !!

International recognition!

Grand Avenue, Oakland
March 6th, 2000

Monday, Monday. Yes indeed, the day has slipped by without comment. A haircut this afternoon, a run through the IEAK. What is the IEAK, you ask? The Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit. Long lists of little check boxes: How do you want your installation of Internet Explorer to behave after it's been installed on all those thousands of desktops? I don't know. Do you suppose it would be clever of me to add my journal to the Favorites list so that every computer in the company could avail itself to my never ending litany? Do I hanker for sudden unemployment? (This is not going anywhere that will do me good.) Let's just say that today I did techie stuff and it was OK. I will watch Ally McBeal tonight. I shall watch from my bed and if it doesn't catch my fancy I'll turn it off and go to sleep. And that will be it for today this Monday in March.

I, who follow the political news as closely as anyone should without totally losing his social skills, am not going to comment on the voting tomorrow in California because I don't think I care very much. This is not to say that there aren't important issues on the ballot, but rather I'm not sure it matters to me very much which of them pass and which of them do not. I'm not holding this out as model behavior. It is not now nor has it ever been Socially Acceptable or Politically Correct for a responsible member of the white middle class electorate to not vote. People who do not vote are slackers, delusional, unemployed and harbor discomforting opinions about property ownership. I still do not give a shit.

I do not care about Gore or Bradley, Bush or McCain. I suspect it would be better to have one over SF Chinese New Year Parade the other should we ever find ourselves in a serious dilemma where a wrong decision could put our collective ass in a sling, but I'm not sure which I should pick. If the shit should hit the fan one day in the future because the president pressed the wrong button thereby causing California to slide into the ocean and you and I should meet bobbing off the coast of Nevada on a raft, you might remind me (gently, gently) of my imperfect attitude in this matter and suggest I may have been a dummy for not voting for "xxxxxxxxx". And I encourage you do that. The election tomorrow, like the Microsoft IEAK, both with their long list of little boxes, will, I am sure, have consequences and I guess we'll all just have to wait and find out what they may be. Deedle-dee-dee. Do you suppose the young monk in my picture has posted his absentee ballot?

Even I realize that was not a new episode of Ally McBeal. I suspect a plot against those of us who suffer from short term memory loss, although I notice there is a small "r" in the newspaper TV listing. Do you suppose it might stand for "repeat"?

I'm still working on this process of taking pictures of unsuspecting pedestrians from a cafe table near the sidewalk. I'm getting closer. Focus would be nice. You might just think of the banner photograph as being on the arty side. Then again, you just might not. I suspect the youngster with the smile is participating in a religious experience.