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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


June 22, 2017


Thursday. An uneven night's sleep, awakening at just before six to go through the usual get up and get out the door routine, heading for breakfast at six-thirty with all three papers in tow. The East Bay Times starting to arrive now before I set out? Hope so.

The two strips of bacon, country potatoes, eggs over medium, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast because that's what came out of my mouth when the waitress asked what I wanted. Why I relate this every morning, I don't know. Read what I could about the Senate Republicans health care draft before fleeing into the comics.

The walk home after taking the usual snapshot of the gas sign across from the café: blank. Happens now and again. Not sure why.

They've been saying we'll see more record setting temperatures today and so set out in a t-shirt and light jacket on what turned out to be a comfortable walk to breakfast that started to get a little too warm walking home. They're saying cooler as we get to the weekend and so today is the hump. Once over we're home free.

Posted yesterday's entry and then a lie down on the bed feeling a little tired and thinking I'd listen to the radio for a while. Woke up over an hour later feeling better. I may have mentioned it was an uneven night's sleep last night? Indeed it was.

Later. The temperature doesn't seem all that high, the Weather Underground people saying it's sixty-seven degrees at the moment with a much earlier afternoon high that reached seventy-nine. Sticking my nose out the door it does seem to be behaving itself, maybe less so east of here where they were projecting temperatures in the hundreds, but I'm guessing we've missed the bullet right here.

Evening. The three PBS Channel 9 stations have been off the air through the afternoon and into the evening, all of the other stations coming through just fine. Their transmitter on the fritz? The hot weather having an effect in their neighborhood? Or is my cobbled together rabbit ears setup failing in some weird way? Doesn't matter. To bed and the tablet. There's a Korean series I've been watching with interest.

The photo up top was taken at the 2013 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR Nikkor lens.